Saturday, July 27, 2013

Babysitting My Little Cuz

Hi again! My friend chickadee as you know her, suggested a blog about babysitting tips. I am going to post tips, my experience babysitting the first time, and what we did.                     Well here goes:                   My first time babysitting was awesome! I babysat my cousin Maddex outside while my aunt was inside with my other cousin, Eli, because he had a physical therapy appointment.While I was outside I learned a lot about Maddex. One tip to give you is that you should always stay interested in the kid(s) you are watching. He seemed to be happy when I asked him what his favorite animal was. Then I asked him why he liked it. Then I told him what my favorite animal was.We looked for snakes under the porch and in between the trees. Then we went through the yard and I asked him how many squares he could find in the yard. This is a awesome part of babysitting, because they get education that is fun and their parents are also happy! If you have any questions about babysitting just post them in the comments section and I will try to answer them.                   I hope this blog is useful! Your blogger,                               Guinea Pig Lover


  1. That was my first time too! I babysat my little cousin sam! My mom was there, but not to watch him, she was supervising me! It was really fun! BTW, I have not seen you in forever! We should get together at my house sometime this week! See you soon!


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