Places to go, Blogs to See

 Hey girls! I just wanted you to check out all of these awesome, wonderful, fabulous, creative, cheery, adventure-y, and AG blogs! So here is the list:

  1. Yoopergirl is a awesome blog! So awesome! Chickadee, the owner is my  friend and would love for you to check her blog out!
  2. Girly Doll Type is a wonderful, dolly blog! If you like AG(American Girls) than you will like LOVE this blog. With crafts, photo shoots, and much, much more to see, this blog is a absolute must see! (I just rhymed there!)
  3. Light of the World is a F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S blog! Sophia (btw, not her real name) is a very joyful girl and I really hope you check it out! She is a fangirl like me, and very wonderful at that, and is a Christian girl that strives to be more like God. I totally recommend taking your time to read her posts!
  4. Two Sisters is a creative blog! The two sisters who run it are very out-spoken and it is a real treat to go and read there blog. :)
  5. Ag in Ohio is a cheery blog! All of the pretty colors and not to mention Heidi's personality! She is also the sister of Meghan from Girly Doll Type. Good job Heidi!
  6. A Missionary Story is a adventure-y (LOL!) blog. Britta is older, but she is a dear friend of mine. And, she was in Guatemala this year! So go to her blog and read all about a different country (unless, of course, you live in Guatemala) and what they do for weddings and parades and all sorts of different things! Just do it, click the link!
  7. AG BFFS is a pretty pink blog! The BFFs who write it (Peanut Butter and Fluff) are amazing! Really awesome blog, so check it out!
  8. Uppermichigirl is also an adventure-y blog. The girl who posts it half of the time of her life lives in Mongolia! How cool is that? She would love to get to know you! 
  9. To DOLLy Awesome is an AG blog. Leah does a LOT of photo stories, so if you like those, then you'll like her blog! She also is writing a photo story that is sort of a book? It called The Runaway Princess and she puts photos in it with her AG dolls.
  10. A Bookish Blogger is an awesome blog! Eve does book reviews and how many stars she gives it! It helps me out a lot when I'm looking for a good read. :)
  11. Bold & Beyond is a fab blog! LOL! Meghan is the author, and Bold & Beyond is all about fashion and beauty! Ooh! Some of my favorite subjects!
  12. Eve of Womanhood is an amazing blog! Eve was the one who designed my blog! :) This is her personal blog.
  13. Following the Light is a blog about girls trying to follow the light. Each week we post a different theme, and it is always different and unrelated to the last week's theme. Come check us out! :D
  14. Lilac Ruffles is a crafty blog! Maddie does only craft posts, so if you love crafts, GO THERE!
  15. Magnificenty Marisa is another beauty blog. Tips and tricks implied! :)
  16. Through the Wardrobe is a blog about a girl who posts basically Disney! Lydia Therese loves Narnia, Disney, and Pinterest! LOL! Who doesn't love Pinterest?!
  17. The Diary of Danielle is really cool! Basically, it's everything writing...Writing Contests, Daily Challenges, and she's looking for Pen Pals!
  18. The Tech Queen is everything tech! It is one of Sophia's side blogs.
  19. Writing For His Glory is a girl 'writing for His glory'! I love this blog! It is so Christian and I love how she is always posting about God's beauty he made on this earth! :)
  20. The Journeys' of My Beating Heart is a very awesome blog! I have to admit it, I envy June's blog. It's so well set up! And if you liked my "Love is..." post, then you will love LIKE all of her posts. :D
  21. Seven Beautiful Girls is a blog where seven girls post on it-me being one of them! Also Meghan, Sophia, Lydia, and Lydia Therese post on it! Each of the girls have a specific day they post on-mine being Fridays.
  22. Tomboy in a Tiered skirt is awesome! I just followed the blog, and I already know it's awesome! Hannah is very cool! LOL!
  23. Trusting in the Lord day by day is a very inspirational blog! I'm sure by the title, you'll understand what it's about. ;) 
  24. Food for Thought is another of Sophia's side blogs! Sophia posts recipes that are lactose-free, since she is lactose-free, and they look really yummy!
  25. A Dash of Friendship is Chickadee's and Uppermichigirl's blog together! They post about My Little Pony, Percy Jackson, and just random stuff too!
  26. A Rebel 4 Ever After is Addy's blog! This blog is all about her latest obsession-Ever After High. She posts reviews on the dolls, and about everything Ever After High!
  27. Forever Changed is a awesome Christian-based blog! Sarah and Bernie(or Ellie) are awesome! 
  28. The Fashion Cheetah is Lydia's awesome blog! She posts about fashion, awards, and reviews on products! I even guest-posted on her blog! Remember my new boots? If not, click here to read about them! Well, I posted a review about them on her blog!
  29. Digital Diary is a wonderful blog! Maddy posts pictures in every post! She is a 14 year old home-schooled gal! Check it out!
  30. Bright Life by Bethany is definitely beautiful! Bethany is awesome and most certainly unique--in the best way! She shares her love for God and I love how she encourages teenagers such as myself to go on with life. :D
  31. Precious Moments is wonderful and inspiring! Ashley is an inspiring teenager that is a Christian who isn't afraid to show it! Each week she chooses a songs and verses to go along her posts. One word for Ashley: amazing! 
  32. Ashley's Crochet Corner is the lovely Ashley's little crocheting business that she is doing, so if you are looking for a handmade headband or little baby booties for a gift, she's your gal! For really cheap, these creations are amazing!
  33. Author of My Hope is a wonderful blog that I love reading! I love Abigail's design as well! It's so nice and cheerful--very amazing, Abigail! She posts things such as her life and journey through Christ, and I love it! 
  34. A Purpose and A Promise is new blog that has great potential to change many people's lives. While Emily may just be starting out, she may as well be an elder when it comes to blogging, because she is a natural at it! She shares her stories and encouraging words with the world and I can't wait to read more from her.

So here's the cheese-if you want your blog on this page just ask! Comment on this page and I will most definitely put you on this list! Just ask! Don't be shy!
 There are so many other great blogs out there and I have only named a few! I hope to be expanding this list constantly, so come back and check out these awesome blogs!


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  8. Thanks for putting me on there! I really like your blog! I'm glad that I'm following it :)

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  9. Hi!!! I just found your blog. It's very nice and I will check back here often. I hope you will check out my blog and follow it by email!!!!! You can leave a comment, too, while you're at it. :)
    Love in Christ,
    Ashley My blog is

    1. Thank you! I checked out your blog and subscribed! XD

  10. Hi Trinity,
    Can you please add my crochet blog up there? It's
    Thanks!!!! I hope to get lots of people to look at it so I can add more stuff. :)

  11. Hi! Could you please put my blog up there? ;)
    Abigail Grace

    1. It'll be my pleasure! Wonderful blog, by the way! <3

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    Can my new blog be up here? Thank you so much!

    1. Oh yeah! I guess I should probably update it!

  13. Neat idea! I always like finding new blogs!
    P.S. I was wondering. I have one guinea pig and I might be getting another. I know you have two or used to have two. Did your guinea pigs share cages? Did they get along? I was just wondering because I don't have enough room to get two cages, but I don't know if sharing cages would work?

    1. Bernie,
      It really depends on the guinea pig. Are both of them boys? Because if they are, you are going to want to get a small cage for a little while to separate them for about 2 weeks or so, just to see if the new one has a disease. Once you've made sure that it isn't sick, then you can slowly introduce the two guinea pigs for about a week, giving them time to play for a half hour or so. They'll be fighting for dominance, just so you know. Squeaker was always was fighting with Oreo once Oreo was getting older, because Oreo was weaker, so Squeaker knew that he could beat him. When Oreo died, Squeaker actually liked it better being by himself. But like I said, it depends if your two guinea pigs are gentle and like to play, because if they are, then you'll be fine probably. ;)


    2. These two are girls. One is quiet (She's Jessica) . She doesn't really like to play. The other (Reepicheep) one is very playful and loves to get out and play out of the cage unlike the other one. I really want the playful one. I haven't got it yet. I really want Reepicheep to play with because Jessica doesn't enjoy it much. But I can't just give away Jessica because my cousin gave it to me. I hope they get along because I don't have enough room for two cages. Thanks for the advice! :)

    3. Wow, that's unique! A lot of the time you don't get girl guinea pigs because they use them to breed. I'm not as experienced with the females, but I'm glad to have helped! :D It was no problem!

  14. Hello! I'm Emily, and I really like your blog!I always love coming across new blogs to read. :) Do you think you could put my blog up there? I'm a pretty new blogger, so I would totally love that! Thanks so much for having this page! (I'd love to add your blog to my "favorite blogs" page. Do you have a button?)
    In Christ,

    1. Hi Emily! I really like your blog too! I can most certainly put your blog URL up there! Congrats on becoming a fellow blogger, and I hope that we can learn from each other's blogs. However, I just now realized that I actually DON'T have a button. :/ I used to have one, but since I got my blog redesigned, it seems that I'll have to make a button, now, won't I? Well, for now, I can't wait to have another blogging friend! Thanks for the compliments, by the way. Anyway, goodbye!

    2. Thank you so much!!


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