Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Saying Goodbye for the Last Time

   Hey guys. So, I have some bad news for you guys--I'm saying goodbye to this blog. Let me explain.
   For the past year, I haven't wanted to post at all, but I practically forced myself to post, and I felt so bad to promise to keep posting, yet I did it anyway. I've had no inspiration to post, no motivation to post, and honestly, I've felt like anything that I could offer somebody could do or explain it better. Like a couple people have mentioned, I call this blog "Lord's Girls" when I don't even post many posts about being a part of God's family. I've failed you guys, and I don't see any way of going back.
   I don't know if I'll stay away from this blog forever, or if I'll come back, or if I'll still respond to your guys' comments, or talk to you in the Chat Box on the sidebar. All I know is that I'm cutting the strings holding me back to this blog.
   While I'm leaving this blog, I'll still be posting on my other blog Reading Past My Bedtime ,and my recently new blog Black and White Beauties. If you wish to follow those, go ahead. I'll also still be using my email lordsgirls.blogspot.com@gmail.com, so if you wish to contact me, you can talk to me there. :)
  I'll talk to you guys later, and...


  1. Hey! You haven't failed in the way you think you have. Just remember another meaning for FAIL - Forever Acquiring Important Lessons. The important lesson here is that when too many things require your attention some things have to be sidelined. Plus this blog is a stepping stone as you move toward other goals and opportunities. Thank you for all you have done here and for all you will do at the other blogs. Keep being a great you!

  2. I'm sad to see this ending...and you have NOT failed. like in no way

    seriously girl nothing is a waste of time if you learned something -- and I'm sure you've learned something over your time of blogging. :) Keep going!! <3

    1. Thanks Julia. And now that you mention it, I've actually learned A LOT of things over blogging, and I definitely didn't expect to get all of this when I created this blog out of boredom when I was younger. ;)

  3. I understand the feeling, but I'll miss reading this blog :(
    I'll have to follow your new one.
    thanks for being a great internet friend!

    Kisses, Soph

    1. Thanks to you too, Sophia! I'm so grateful to all of you guys for understanding and accepting me for my decisions! <3

  4. I'm sorry that you won't be blogging on this blog anymore, but you totally haven't failed! There's not point in having a blog that you don't want and aren't motivated to post on. It's perfectly okay to move on! I do hope you might come back later, though, if you ever feel inspired again, but of course that's up to you!

    I've enjoyed reading your blog, and and I'm definitely going to check out your other ones! Thanks for being real! ♥
    Emily xx

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Emily!


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