Sunday, December 29, 2013

Victoria Hope Talean (Part 9)

 Days passed quickly and Memorial day had finally come. The Taleans were all getting ready to go. Zach was thrilled. He also loved the Cane's house. Candy's little brother,  Mike was nine years old. Zach and Mike got along so well that nobody ever questioned if it was a good idea to get them together.
 Victoria was in her bedroom packing. She quickly grabbed a backpack, a sleeping bag, a pillow, and a toothbrush and some toothpaste. Then, she picked out a purple t-shirt with sequins on it, a back-up long sleeved plain white t-shirt, a fleece pajama top with ladybugs on it, grey sweatpants(she just found those), and two pairs of jeans--one skinny and one boot-cut. She stuffed the clothes in the backpack, one by one.
 She was almost ready ten minutes later when Jackie knocked on the door of Torie's room.
 "Come in," said Torie.
 "Dad's wondering if you're done yet." said Jackie after she had entered the pink room.
Torie really wanted to snap back saying,"Well, if I was done yet I would already be down there!" but she knew better than to say that. So instead, she said,
 "Tell him I am almost done. I just have to pack three more things."
 "Okay." muttered Jacqueline as she exited.
 Torie sighed and rolled her eyes.
That was such a long conversation, thought Torie.
 Two minutes later, Victoria was downstairs in the kitchen helping Mom prepare the chips and salsa.
 "Are you excited Torie?" asked Mom.
 "Yes! I've been excited ever since Ca-" Torie stopped herself."--Kelly called."
 "I could tell." said Mom, smiling while she chopped the tomatoes.
 Torie hated tomatoes. The thought of one made her gag. So you must think of watching people bite into them! Yuck!
 Torie giggled. "Don't expect me to be wide awake tomorrow morning. You'll probably see drool all over my face and bags under my eyes!"
 Mom chuckled. "I've got some daughter." she said as she gave Victoria a kiss on the top of her head.
 "Now help chop onions!" ordered Mom playfully.
 Torie saluted."Got it boss!"
 With that, Mom laughed more."I'm the boss all right!"

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Joke of the Week 12/28/13

Hi again! So last week's joke was:

Q: What did the ranch say to the fridge?

Chickadee was really close(read her guess in the comment section of Joke of the Week 12/16/13). Here is the answer:

A: Close the door! I'm dressing!

Get it? I'm dressing? L.O.L.! For this week's joke only, if I get 5 guesses in the comment section than I will do a special, secret post. Sound interesting? I hope so! 'Kay, so here is the joke:

How do you find celery in the fridge?


Friday, December 27, 2013

The Name Change

 Okay, so all of you that have been on my blog before know that I just came out with a new book called The World Nobody On Earth Knew and that I have only did the first part of it. Well, I have decided that I am going to call it something else. I don't really like that name. From now on, the book is going to be called... Drum roll please!


I will be posting the second part sometime this weekend, so check it out!

Britt Nicole - The Sun is Rising

Babysitter: Chelsea Trust PART 6

 Chelsea looked around, but it wasn't Annabelle or Dorothy which meant--Doug. She was trapped. She would either stay and comfort Millie, or go get Doug. Chelsea decided to ask Annabelle to go get Douglas, while she stayed with Millie.
"Annabelle, can you go get Doug from his crib for me please?" asked Chelsea sweetly.
"No." replied Annabelle.
"Let me rephrase that: Go get Doug." said Chelsea, trying to remain patient.
"No! I don't need to listen to you!" shouted the eight year old.
Chelsea was dumb-founded. Peyton would never even think about talking to anyone that way.
"As a matter of fact, you do need to listen to me. Do you remember what your mom and dad said before they left?" Chelsea did not wait for an answer. "They said to behave and help with Doug." said Chelsea confidently.
Annabelle still didn't move.
"I'll help." came a muffled voice from behind Chelsea. It was Millie. She had stopped crying, but was still sniffling.
"Thank you, Millie." said Chelsea as she watched Millie get off her seat and walk toward the hallway.
Chelsea followed her. Millie stopped at the second door on the right.
"His room is right here." said Millie, opening the door to a crying baby.
"Oh, he is so cute!" cooed Chelsea as she spied the baby. She picked Doug up and said,
"Hello, Doug. I'm Chelsea, your babysitter for tonight."
Millie giggled. "He can't talk. He doesn't know how."
"Really?" Chelsea pretended to groan. "That's horrible!"
Finally one of the kids like me, thought Chelsea.


Three hours later, Chelsea was rocking Doug on the rocking chair trying to get him to sleep. Ashton and Laura would be home any minute now. Chelsea had already gotten Millie and Dorothy to sleep long ago. Annabelle had said she needed to talk to her parents when they get home, so Chelsea thought it was alright to let her stay up. So, there she was, talking to Annabelle while rocking Doug.
 "Are you sure they said nine o'clock?" questioned the cranky eight year old.
 "Believe me, I am sure. I pretty much thought about this babysitting job 24/7." Chelsea smiled.
 "What's 24/7 mean?" asked Annabelle.
 "Uh..." Chelsea's sentence trailed off as she tried to think of how to explain.
All of a sudden, the front door opened and a laughing couple walked in.
 "Mom! Dad!" shouted Annabelle as she jumped of the brown love-seat.
 "Shhhhhh!" warned Chelsea.
But she was too slow. Doug opened his eyes and started to cry.
 "Oh Douglas! Mommy missed you!" Laura fussed as she scooped up her child.
Doug instantly stopped crying.
 "Mummy?" asked Doug.
Laura froze. "Ashton?! Did you hear that? Doug just said his first word!"
 "Oh Laura! My little man is growing up!" exclaimed Ashton.
Doug smiled. Laura's hair was in his mouth.
 "Uh, Mrs.Laura?" Chelsea spoke up.
 "What is it Chelsea, darling?" Laura said still looking down at her baby.
 "I thought I should let you know that Doug is chewing on your hair..."
Laura pulled her hair behind her head. "Thanks, darling."
 "Yep." said Chelsea. No one payed attention."I think I am going to go call my Mom now. Where is your phone?"
"In the kitchen." replied Ashton.
Chelsea headed for the kitchen. Once she found the house phone she dialed her Mom's cell phone number: 221-6583.
She held the phone up to her ear.
"Hello? Is that you, Chelsea?" came her mother's voice on the other end.
"Yeah, Mom. You can come pick me up now." said Chelsea. She yawned.
"Okay, sweetie. I'll be there in ten minutes."
"See ya soon. Bye." Chelsea hung up.

Britt Nicole - Breakthrough

Breakthrough is my new favorite song! I got the GOLD album for Christmas and this song was on it... Needless to say, I LOVE IT!

Britt Nicole - Amazing Life

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Monday, December 16, 2013

Joke of the Week 12/16/13

Hey girls! Joke of the week time! But first, I have to ask you something. Why no guesses? It would really be more fun if you tried to guess. That's all.
 Okay, here is the answer.

Q: What did the cheese say about the joke?

A: That was cheesy!

Now for this week's joke:

What did the ranch say to the fridge?

Try to guess by the end of the week, when I will tell you the answer...

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Official Frozen Trailer

For those who haven't seen Frozen yet, watch this trailer! It is my favorite movie yet!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Twice the Fun-Part 1

 Aurora King

 When the bell rang that day, I jumped up for joy. Sixth grade was finally over! Summer here I come! 
But what I didn't know was that this summer was going to be-unique. Some would probably say I was lying about the whole thing, but not my sister, Ariana. She was there the whole time with me. And people always believe my sister.
Anyway, I ran outside of the school. Some people were laughing, some were crying, some were just standing there waiting for the bus. It was all sort of different emotions outside of the middle school. Then, I spotted Leah. She is pretty easy to spot, since I have know her since 2nd grade. Leah was my best friend.
"Leah! Leah, over here!" I said waving my arms in the air. She turned around and saw me.
"Hi, Aurora. I can't wait to go to the beach this summer! And camping, vacationing, and spending time with you!" said Leah once she got close to me.
"I know!" I said back. How was I supposed to reply?
 I saw my twin sister a couple of yards away. She was crying. Go figure! She loved school. Not the homework part, but the seeing her friends part. My guess on how many friends she had was probably about twenty. Me? I only had one friend, which was Leah. That was all I needed. Why have a whole bunch of friends who weren't that much into you, than have one, true friend? It didn't make sense.
"Look, Aurora. The buses." said Leah pointing behind me. I turned around and saw them. I looked for Bus 5, the one that I rode. Sure enough, there it was. In between all of the other buses.
"Ariana, say goodbye to all of your friends. The buses are here." I called to my sister.
She didn't hear me. Oh well.
"Leah, wait. I need to tell you something." I said to my best friend before she walked away.
"Text, email, or call me every day. Okay?" I asked.
She smiled."Okay. I will."
I grinned at her, then headed to Bus 5, while she headed to Bus 3.
When I got on the bus, I went all the way to the back. I picked a seat across from Haley, Ariana's seat buddy. Nobody was already seated there, so I laid down, got my MP3 player out of my backpack, and put the headphones in my ears. Then, surprisingly, I fell right asleep.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Piano Guys - O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Jessica Simpson - Mary, did you know?

This song tells of some of the miracles that Jesus did. It has some intense scenes in it, so you may want to look away when Jesus is getting nailed to the cross.

Girly Doll Type

Hey girls! I just wanted to announce that I am a follower of another doll blog, so if you want to see that blog just click this link below:
The author--Meghan-- posts a whole bunch of useful info. and also a lot of fun stuff! I hope you stop by and comment!
Guinea Pig Lover

Matthew West - The Motions

Babysitter: Chelsea Trust PART 5

"I don't like you! I want Mommy and Daddy!" cried Dorothy.
"What's for dinner?" asked Millie.
"I'm starving. Make me dinner!" whined Annabelle.
Chelsea closed her eyes. She figured this would happen. So Chelsea soon decided to crack open the duffel bag. "What's in there?" asked Millie.
"Lots and lots of toys!" said Chelsea hoping to become on the kids good sides.
Chelsea dumped out the bag and more toys scattered the floor. Chelsea didn't expect to get her brother's toys back. In fact, she even told Mom that. Mom said it was fine, much to Chelsea surprise.
All at once, the girls went on search of the toys they wanted to play with and quickly ran into their room before Chelsea changed her mind.
That was easy, thought Chelsea. But Chelsea didn't know that the next four hours would be the most stressful hours of her life!
Dinner wasn't served until six o'clock, one hour later. And when it was served, the two older girls didn't want to eat it.
"I don't want to eat it! It's gross!" complained Annabelle as she pushed her plate away from her.
"Me too!" said Dorothy doing the same.
Are you wondering what the dinner was? Macaroni and Cheese with carrots! Everyone loves mac and cheese! Or so Chelsea thought. Millie was the only one who ate.
"I think it's yummy!" declared the proud Millie.
Annabelle stuck her tongue out.
"Annabelle!" gasped Chelsea. Hadn't anyone taught these girls manners?
"What?!" Annabelle said--or rather shouted.
"You do not stick your tongue out. Ever!" scolded Chelsea.
"But what if it's itchy?" said the smart aleck, Annabelle.
Before Chelsea had time to answer her Millie burst out crying. Chelsea frowned.
"What's wrong, Millie?" asked Chelsea. Millie pointed to her food.
"It burned her." translated Dorothy.
Millie nodded. She tried to stop crying, but was unsuccessful.
Then, Chelsea heard more crying.

Victoria Hope Talean (Part 8)

Torie saw Mom pick up the house phone in the kitchen.
"Hello?" Mom said into the phone.
There was a short pause.
"Oh yes. She's right here." said Mom again, walking over to Torie sitting on the living room couch reading Amy Carmichael. "It's Kelly Kane."
Kelly Kane was one of Victoria's friends. Instead of calling her 'Kelly' everybody always called her Candy, since her last name was Kane. Everyone, of course, but the adults.
Kelly had blonde hair, green eyes, and glasses that looked really pretty on her.
Torie grabbed the phone from Mom and said,
"Hi Candy. What's new?"
"Oh hi Torie! I was calling to ask your family over for a Memorial day party at our house." said Candy getting straight to the point.
"Oh cool! When is it?"
"Memorial day." laughed Candy Kane. Torie was embarrassed she asked.
"Oh, yeah. I just didn't know if, you know... you were actually having it... on Memorial day." Torie stampered.
"It's totally alright. It's going to be at 5:30, so we'll have dinner made. Then,--here's were it gets better--after dinner's done, you and Zach get to sleep over once the rest of your family goes home!" Candy squealed.
One reason Torie and Candy were friends: They both were girly-girls. As simple as that.
Now it was Torie's turn to squeal. The Kane's house was the most fun house in the world to sleep at! The Kane's house had a pool, separate bedrooms, bathrooms, and t.v.s. That meant that the guest could stay up all night for all the Kane's cared!
"Ohmigosh! Put your mom on the phone, and I'll put mine on." squeaked Victoria.
Candy agreed, so Torie quickly found Mom and stuck the phone in her hand. Mom gave Torie a curious glance and put the phone up to her ear.
"Hello?" said Mom reluctantly."Oh hi, Becky!"
Torie wandered off wanting to know it she was going to go to the fun house or not, and at the same time not wanting to know...

Song Requests

 Hey! I just wanted to say that if you ever want to hear your favorite song on my blog, SPEAK UP! It would be no trouble at all! Honest! All you have to do is (in the comment section below) type the artist's name (or band) first and then the name of the song. That is the same with video requests--off of YouTube--, post requests, and anything else that you would like. I want this blog to be about what you like too! Well, gotta scoot!
~Guinea Pig Lover~

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Francesca Battastelli - Beautiful, Beautiful

The Piano Guys - The Cello Wars

Casting Crowns - I Heard the Bells

Joke of the Week 12/6/13

Hello fellow girls! Guess what! I am now introducing a new thing that I have come up with--joke of the week! Every week I post a joke and then you comment what you think is the answer. Then, the next week I post the official answer and another joke. And the cycle just keeps on going! Here is the beginning of the cycle:

Q: What did the cheese say about the joke?

Pentatonix - Carol of the Bells/Little Drummer Boy

 They are making all of the music themselves with no instruments but their mouths!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Sidewalk Prophets - Because It's Christmas

            Remember to put Christ in Christmas!

Chris August - Jesus, Savior