Saturday, December 7, 2013

Babysitter: Chelsea Trust PART 5

"I don't like you! I want Mommy and Daddy!" cried Dorothy.
"What's for dinner?" asked Millie.
"I'm starving. Make me dinner!" whined Annabelle.
Chelsea closed her eyes. She figured this would happen. So Chelsea soon decided to crack open the duffel bag. "What's in there?" asked Millie.
"Lots and lots of toys!" said Chelsea hoping to become on the kids good sides.
Chelsea dumped out the bag and more toys scattered the floor. Chelsea didn't expect to get her brother's toys back. In fact, she even told Mom that. Mom said it was fine, much to Chelsea surprise.
All at once, the girls went on search of the toys they wanted to play with and quickly ran into their room before Chelsea changed her mind.
That was easy, thought Chelsea. But Chelsea didn't know that the next four hours would be the most stressful hours of her life!
Dinner wasn't served until six o'clock, one hour later. And when it was served, the two older girls didn't want to eat it.
"I don't want to eat it! It's gross!" complained Annabelle as she pushed her plate away from her.
"Me too!" said Dorothy doing the same.
Are you wondering what the dinner was? Macaroni and Cheese with carrots! Everyone loves mac and cheese! Or so Chelsea thought. Millie was the only one who ate.
"I think it's yummy!" declared the proud Millie.
Annabelle stuck her tongue out.
"Annabelle!" gasped Chelsea. Hadn't anyone taught these girls manners?
"What?!" Annabelle said--or rather shouted.
"You do not stick your tongue out. Ever!" scolded Chelsea.
"But what if it's itchy?" said the smart aleck, Annabelle.
Before Chelsea had time to answer her Millie burst out crying. Chelsea frowned.
"What's wrong, Millie?" asked Chelsea. Millie pointed to her food.
"It burned her." translated Dorothy.
Millie nodded. She tried to stop crying, but was unsuccessful.
Then, Chelsea heard more crying.

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