Friday, December 27, 2013

Babysitter: Chelsea Trust PART 6

 Chelsea looked around, but it wasn't Annabelle or Dorothy which meant--Doug. She was trapped. She would either stay and comfort Millie, or go get Doug. Chelsea decided to ask Annabelle to go get Douglas, while she stayed with Millie.
"Annabelle, can you go get Doug from his crib for me please?" asked Chelsea sweetly.
"No." replied Annabelle.
"Let me rephrase that: Go get Doug." said Chelsea, trying to remain patient.
"No! I don't need to listen to you!" shouted the eight year old.
Chelsea was dumb-founded. Peyton would never even think about talking to anyone that way.
"As a matter of fact, you do need to listen to me. Do you remember what your mom and dad said before they left?" Chelsea did not wait for an answer. "They said to behave and help with Doug." said Chelsea confidently.
Annabelle still didn't move.
"I'll help." came a muffled voice from behind Chelsea. It was Millie. She had stopped crying, but was still sniffling.
"Thank you, Millie." said Chelsea as she watched Millie get off her seat and walk toward the hallway.
Chelsea followed her. Millie stopped at the second door on the right.
"His room is right here." said Millie, opening the door to a crying baby.
"Oh, he is so cute!" cooed Chelsea as she spied the baby. She picked Doug up and said,
"Hello, Doug. I'm Chelsea, your babysitter for tonight."
Millie giggled. "He can't talk. He doesn't know how."
"Really?" Chelsea pretended to groan. "That's horrible!"
Finally one of the kids like me, thought Chelsea.


Three hours later, Chelsea was rocking Doug on the rocking chair trying to get him to sleep. Ashton and Laura would be home any minute now. Chelsea had already gotten Millie and Dorothy to sleep long ago. Annabelle had said she needed to talk to her parents when they get home, so Chelsea thought it was alright to let her stay up. So, there she was, talking to Annabelle while rocking Doug.
 "Are you sure they said nine o'clock?" questioned the cranky eight year old.
 "Believe me, I am sure. I pretty much thought about this babysitting job 24/7." Chelsea smiled.
 "What's 24/7 mean?" asked Annabelle.
 "Uh..." Chelsea's sentence trailed off as she tried to think of how to explain.
All of a sudden, the front door opened and a laughing couple walked in.
 "Mom! Dad!" shouted Annabelle as she jumped of the brown love-seat.
 "Shhhhhh!" warned Chelsea.
But she was too slow. Doug opened his eyes and started to cry.
 "Oh Douglas! Mommy missed you!" Laura fussed as she scooped up her child.
Doug instantly stopped crying.
 "Mummy?" asked Doug.
Laura froze. "Ashton?! Did you hear that? Doug just said his first word!"
 "Oh Laura! My little man is growing up!" exclaimed Ashton.
Doug smiled. Laura's hair was in his mouth.
 "Uh, Mrs.Laura?" Chelsea spoke up.
 "What is it Chelsea, darling?" Laura said still looking down at her baby.
 "I thought I should let you know that Doug is chewing on your hair..."
Laura pulled her hair behind her head. "Thanks, darling."
 "Yep." said Chelsea. No one payed attention."I think I am going to go call my Mom now. Where is your phone?"
"In the kitchen." replied Ashton.
Chelsea headed for the kitchen. Once she found the house phone she dialed her Mom's cell phone number: 221-6583.
She held the phone up to her ear.
"Hello? Is that you, Chelsea?" came her mother's voice on the other end.
"Yeah, Mom. You can come pick me up now." said Chelsea. She yawned.
"Okay, sweetie. I'll be there in ten minutes."
"See ya soon. Bye." Chelsea hung up.

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