Saturday, December 7, 2013

Victoria Hope Talean (Part 8)

Torie saw Mom pick up the house phone in the kitchen.
"Hello?" Mom said into the phone.
There was a short pause.
"Oh yes. She's right here." said Mom again, walking over to Torie sitting on the living room couch reading Amy Carmichael. "It's Kelly Kane."
Kelly Kane was one of Victoria's friends. Instead of calling her 'Kelly' everybody always called her Candy, since her last name was Kane. Everyone, of course, but the adults.
Kelly had blonde hair, green eyes, and glasses that looked really pretty on her.
Torie grabbed the phone from Mom and said,
"Hi Candy. What's new?"
"Oh hi Torie! I was calling to ask your family over for a Memorial day party at our house." said Candy getting straight to the point.
"Oh cool! When is it?"
"Memorial day." laughed Candy Kane. Torie was embarrassed she asked.
"Oh, yeah. I just didn't know if, you know... you were actually having it... on Memorial day." Torie stampered.
"It's totally alright. It's going to be at 5:30, so we'll have dinner made. Then,--here's were it gets better--after dinner's done, you and Zach get to sleep over once the rest of your family goes home!" Candy squealed.
One reason Torie and Candy were friends: They both were girly-girls. As simple as that.
Now it was Torie's turn to squeal. The Kane's house was the most fun house in the world to sleep at! The Kane's house had a pool, separate bedrooms, bathrooms, and t.v.s. That meant that the guest could stay up all night for all the Kane's cared!
"Ohmigosh! Put your mom on the phone, and I'll put mine on." squeaked Victoria.
Candy agreed, so Torie quickly found Mom and stuck the phone in her hand. Mom gave Torie a curious glance and put the phone up to her ear.
"Hello?" said Mom reluctantly."Oh hi, Becky!"
Torie wandered off wanting to know it she was going to go to the fun house or not, and at the same time not wanting to know...

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