Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years' Special Post

    Hey guys! So I'm gonna do a little special post for New Years'. I'm going to go and post all of my favorite pictures that I have uploaded onto this blog! It should be fun! The pictures could be from last year, or this year. Maybe you'll even remember what post they were in! So here we go!

    This was my first button!
This was my second button.

This was my third button. LOL! I'll stop with my buttons now. (^-^)

I really like this image that I created on PicMonkey.

LOL! Just posted this one!

I laugh every time!


Yoda quote!

I like Oreo's nose!

Of course I love this one! (Pst! I made it!)

I'm sorry Squeaks! This is just too funny!

I caught Oreo licking himself! And he was really cuter in person...

Thanks Soph for designing this!

Love 'em!


"Hey, I have a good idea! Let's circle each other!" says the guinea pigs.

There is Oreo and his *cough cough* additions!

My pic and I'm proud of it!

Super cute!

And The Fangirl Award...Have you had fun doing this? :) I love how I made the books look!

  So those are all of my favorite pictures I have ever uploaded onto this blog! :) 

Loving Him more everyday...

Friday, December 26, 2014

What I Got #2 (This is Gonna Be a LONG Post. LOL!)

So, as promised, here is what I got at my dad's for Christmas!

  • Jolly Rancher Scented Nail Polish
(Google Images)
  • Lindsey Stirling CD

(Google Images)
  • Croft&Barrow Earrings (5 pairs)

(My picture)
  • Candie's Coated Strawberry Creme scented body wash

(Google Images)
It's this, except it's only the body wash.
  • Sweetly Chic Fashion knit headband

(My own image)
  • RW Magic Glove

  • Scunci 32 piece Value Pack

  • So earrings (20 pairs) "Peace"

  • Blue Star Clothing Co. Socks 

(Google Images)
This is pretty much what I have, except the pink is lighter and the green is not as neon.
  • Earphones (I can't find the brand)

  • Million Dollar (Chocolate) Bar

(Google Images)
  • Nail Art Brushes (from China; LOL!)
  • Reese's Chocolate Peanut Butter Flavored Lip Balm

(Google Images)
  • Pixy Stix Grape Flavored Lip Balm

  • Modella Square Coin Purse

  • FH Hair Chalk

(Google Images)
Just don't even pay attention to the "Store No." thing!
  • Sweethearts Candies Strawberry Flavored Lip Balm

(Google Images)
  • Twizzlers Strawberry Flavored Lip Balm

(Google Images)
  • PEZ Candy (Snowman)

  • 2 L.A. Colors nail polish "Color Craze"
  • Maleficent poster!!!!!


I already put it up!
  • Beauty Set from Kohl's 

  • A Picture Frame with a picture of me and my cousin in it (sorry, can't show you)
  • So grey Pajama bottoms

Please forgive my messy floor! All my blankets fall onto the floor every night, so it gets tedious. :) I used a old person word! Yeah! Oh, and I had to pull my pants up so you could see the ends of them...I am not that tall!
And that is the full picture! LOL! Obviously, these pictures are mine.

  • $50 Wal-Mart Gift Card!!!

  • Disney Frozen Olaf Shirt!!!! So cute!

  • A Tub of Cotton Candy
  • A bunch of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
  • A bunch of chocolate Kisses
  • Some pieces of coal (LOL, the candy!)
  • The original, plain, Monopoly game! I just wanted the original!
  • These cute slippers! (I don't know the brand, because my grandma took the take off the second I tried them on, so I could where them :D)

So that's what I got for Christmas at my dad's! But, I still need to go to my grandpa's house and then to my other grandma's house! :/ I'm gonna have so much stuff, I won't be able to walk into my bedroom, it'll be so packed! LOL! BYE!

Loving Him more everyday...

Skillet - Salvation

This is my new favorite song EVER!

Loving Him more everyday because of His salvation...

How Was Your Christmas?

      Hey guys! How was your Christmas? Mine was pretty good! We woke up, hung out until our parents were ready, opened our gifts (even Oreo and Squeaker got a gift), peeked in our stockings, played with my brothers' Nerf guns that they got!, hung out a little more while my parents got brunch ready (it was already 9:45 or something!), and then I went on the computer to check my email and I played this game on Y8 with my brothers called Bad Icecream 3. Awesome and addicting! Then we got called for breakfast, which was this yummy rice and cinnamon and apple thing, and ate. Then I went back on the computer. We did a couple chores later and then we left for my grandparents' house. We had lunch/dinner at 2:30 or something, played games and watched Miracle on 34th Street. (It was the remake that came out in 1994 or something.) Then we had cookies(I had gluten-free ones that I made on Tuesday), and opened gifts from my grandparents' and my Aunt and Uncle!
       So you are probably wondering what I got, yeah? Well, I still have to open more gifts tonight from my dad's family! So I'll post later what I got from them. :) But from my mom's family, I got....

  • Maleficent!!!!! On DVD!

  • Kiss Gradation nail polish!

  • Kiss nail kit thingie! (LOL)

  • Style Me Up! Nail Pens!

  • Ink-a-doo Tattoo Pens!

  • Frizz Ease Dream Curls!

  • Skillet - Comatose album!

  • Skillet - Awake album!

And that is what I got! XD Oh, I also got M&Ms and a pack of gum in my stocking. LOL! I'll make a post later about what I'm getting at my dad's. :)

Loving Him more everyday...