Saturday, December 6, 2014

Just Some Things to Say

        'Sup? I don't really have a specific category to post about, so this is just a bunch of whateves. If you like whateves, than you should go to my shared blog with Chickadee called Whateves. Just sayin'. ;) And you could also grab our button:

        So anyway! Do you like Twice the Fun? Too emotional? Not enough detail? Not enough back story? Just perfect? Tell me in the comments please, because I really need feedback! I'm thinking of posting it a lot more, because I really need to get going with it. Why you might ask? Because I am really excited to post the sequel but from Aurora's best friend Leah's point of view after the summer! I can't wait! XD But I've still got a long way to go with Twice the Fun. 
         Are you satisfied with my blog right now? With my posts, the design, the button, and the other pages? Because I would really like to know if you didn't like any of those. Please don't make me sit here and type out this post all for no comments! I always feel like an idiot when I say, "Tell me in the comments!" and down below it says "No comments". *sigh* Just saying.
          Are you excited for Christmas?! I AM!!! In two weeks, I have a piano concert at my church and I also have a band concert. XD (I play flute if you don't know that) What is your favorite part of Christmas? Mine is eating the desert! LOL!
         I am thinking of making an award today. You know, awards were going around like crazy last week and it's already calmed down. So I'm going to make an award! Don't be surprised if it doesn't come up until tomorrow-I still have to make it, come up with a name, rules, and then do it. So, yeah.
         And I think that's it! So please PLEASE comment! Thanks!

Loving Him more everyday...

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