Friday, December 26, 2014

How Was Your Christmas?

      Hey guys! How was your Christmas? Mine was pretty good! We woke up, hung out until our parents were ready, opened our gifts (even Oreo and Squeaker got a gift), peeked in our stockings, played with my brothers' Nerf guns that they got!, hung out a little more while my parents got brunch ready (it was already 9:45 or something!), and then I went on the computer to check my email and I played this game on Y8 with my brothers called Bad Icecream 3. Awesome and addicting! Then we got called for breakfast, which was this yummy rice and cinnamon and apple thing, and ate. Then I went back on the computer. We did a couple chores later and then we left for my grandparents' house. We had lunch/dinner at 2:30 or something, played games and watched Miracle on 34th Street. (It was the remake that came out in 1994 or something.) Then we had cookies(I had gluten-free ones that I made on Tuesday), and opened gifts from my grandparents' and my Aunt and Uncle!
       So you are probably wondering what I got, yeah? Well, I still have to open more gifts tonight from my dad's family! So I'll post later what I got from them. :) But from my mom's family, I got....

  • Maleficent!!!!! On DVD!

  • Kiss Gradation nail polish!

  • Kiss nail kit thingie! (LOL)

  • Style Me Up! Nail Pens!

  • Ink-a-doo Tattoo Pens!

  • Frizz Ease Dream Curls!

  • Skillet - Comatose album!

  • Skillet - Awake album!

And that is what I got! XD Oh, I also got M&Ms and a pack of gum in my stocking. LOL! I'll make a post later about what I'm getting at my dad's. :)

Loving Him more everyday...

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