Friday, December 5, 2014

Winter Wasteland Tag

    So I'm going to start doing awards and tags again.
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 So this one I got nominated for by Uniquely You, so thanks! This tag is all about suggestions to do in the winter that will cure boredom-phobia! So here are the rules:

  • Share 5-15 things that you like to do in the winter
  • Tag 5-10 people
Pretty simple, right? Okay to here are my "likings"????? LOL, I don't know what to call it! I've been tired all day, so...Anywho! These are no in any order.

  1. Ice skating! Even though I never really go much, I do love ice skating! (Minus the part where I have a bruised body afterwards)
  2. Sledding!!!!! I love sledding in the winter. Funny story for ya'll that I have to tell you! About 2 years ago I went sledding on a big hill, but there was a big rock right in the center. My brother had just went and he was climbing back up when I went down. I steered right towards the rock and my sled hit the side of it, launching me a good 2 feet or so into the air! I am not exaggerating! I was so scared! Rest assured, I didn't get any injuries. :)
  3. Curling up and reading a good book under a blanket with comfy p.j.s! I do it all the time! 
  4. Taking a nap. ;) I really want to take a nap during school! LOL!
  5. Take up knitting! I knit and I try to do it in my spare time. Here is a pic I took of a bookmark I made for myself.
  6. Play music while blogging-I'm doing that now! Listening to Faceless by Red. :D AWESOME! Link here to listen!
  7. Go outside and throw snowballs. If you are an only child, then throw snowballs at trees until their trunks are completely white! And you could invite a friend over to help you!
  8. Read my blog. ;) I had to do it! LOL! Try reading all of my posts! LOL! Total time-sucker!
And so now the people I tag:

Lydia from The Fashion Cheeta

Have fun!

Loving Him more everyday...

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