Sunday, December 8, 2013

Twice the Fun-Part 1

 Aurora King

 When the bell rang that day, I jumped up for joy. Sixth grade was finally over! Summer here I come! 
But what I didn't know was that this summer was going to be-unique. Some would probably say I was lying about the whole thing, but not my sister, Ariana. She was there the whole time with me. And people always believe my sister.
Anyway, I ran outside of the school. Some people were laughing, some were crying, some were just standing there waiting for the bus. It was all sort of different emotions outside of the middle school. Then, I spotted Leah. She is pretty easy to spot, since I have know her since 2nd grade. Leah was my best friend.
"Leah! Leah, over here!" I said waving my arms in the air. She turned around and saw me.
"Hi, Aurora. I can't wait to go to the beach this summer! And camping, vacationing, and spending time with you!" said Leah once she got close to me.
"I know!" I said back. How was I supposed to reply?
 I saw my twin sister a couple of yards away. She was crying. Go figure! She loved school. Not the homework part, but the seeing her friends part. My guess on how many friends she had was probably about twenty. Me? I only had one friend, which was Leah. That was all I needed. Why have a whole bunch of friends who weren't that much into you, than have one, true friend? It didn't make sense.
"Look, Aurora. The buses." said Leah pointing behind me. I turned around and saw them. I looked for Bus 5, the one that I rode. Sure enough, there it was. In between all of the other buses.
"Ariana, say goodbye to all of your friends. The buses are here." I called to my sister.
She didn't hear me. Oh well.
"Leah, wait. I need to tell you something." I said to my best friend before she walked away.
"Text, email, or call me every day. Okay?" I asked.
She smiled."Okay. I will."
I grinned at her, then headed to Bus 5, while she headed to Bus 3.
When I got on the bus, I went all the way to the back. I picked a seat across from Haley, Ariana's seat buddy. Nobody was already seated there, so I laid down, got my MP3 player out of my backpack, and put the headphones in my ears. Then, surprisingly, I fell right asleep.


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