Sunday, December 29, 2013

Victoria Hope Talean (Part 9)

 Days passed quickly and Memorial day had finally come. The Taleans were all getting ready to go. Zach was thrilled. He also loved the Cane's house. Candy's little brother,  Mike was nine years old. Zach and Mike got along so well that nobody ever questioned if it was a good idea to get them together.
 Victoria was in her bedroom packing. She quickly grabbed a backpack, a sleeping bag, a pillow, and a toothbrush and some toothpaste. Then, she picked out a purple t-shirt with sequins on it, a back-up long sleeved plain white t-shirt, a fleece pajama top with ladybugs on it, grey sweatpants(she just found those), and two pairs of jeans--one skinny and one boot-cut. She stuffed the clothes in the backpack, one by one.
 She was almost ready ten minutes later when Jackie knocked on the door of Torie's room.
 "Come in," said Torie.
 "Dad's wondering if you're done yet." said Jackie after she had entered the pink room.
Torie really wanted to snap back saying,"Well, if I was done yet I would already be down there!" but she knew better than to say that. So instead, she said,
 "Tell him I am almost done. I just have to pack three more things."
 "Okay." muttered Jacqueline as she exited.
 Torie sighed and rolled her eyes.
That was such a long conversation, thought Torie.
 Two minutes later, Victoria was downstairs in the kitchen helping Mom prepare the chips and salsa.
 "Are you excited Torie?" asked Mom.
 "Yes! I've been excited ever since Ca-" Torie stopped herself."--Kelly called."
 "I could tell." said Mom, smiling while she chopped the tomatoes.
 Torie hated tomatoes. The thought of one made her gag. So you must think of watching people bite into them! Yuck!
 Torie giggled. "Don't expect me to be wide awake tomorrow morning. You'll probably see drool all over my face and bags under my eyes!"
 Mom chuckled. "I've got some daughter." she said as she gave Victoria a kiss on the top of her head.
 "Now help chop onions!" ordered Mom playfully.
 Torie saluted."Got it boss!"
 With that, Mom laughed more."I'm the boss all right!"

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