Friday, August 21, 2015

Guest Post with Sophia

 Hola! So Sophia asked me if she could do a guest post, and I accepted! So here it is, and I hope that you enjoy this!

Hello everyone! This is Sophia, from!! A big thank you to Trinity for letting me do this! :)

I honestly love doing guest posts, but I often struggle because I don't know what to do them about. So, I picked something I think everyone loves: memes!!!


These are the best! It’s worse when you can see it coming. | 25 Puns So Terrible They Should Be Made Illegal

Grumpy Cat is vaccinated .. LOL so weird reminds me of my sister who dosnt smile

We can't afford the cat... #jetpets #happytravellers

Hahahahahahahahaha replace pastor with bishop hahahaha this is sooo true.

Pupie Lost:Day 3

Homework- We all have that moment of panic, like OH MY GOD I DIDN'T DO MY HOMEWORK ON THE WEEKEND!!!

Hope you laughed! :)

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Thank you!


Thanks Sophia! Now remember, if any of you want to do a guest post or interview, just email me here, and I'll be glad to have you do one!!! 



  1. This is sooo funny!!!! A+ guest post Soph!!!! <3 <3 :D :D Guinea Pig Lover, its Leah, I wanted to start posting on Following the Light again..... do you?

    1. I commented on your post on Following the Light!



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