Saturday, August 10, 2013

Victoria Hope Talean (Part 1)

"Come on Torie! We're almost there." said Victoria's best friend, Makayla TeKape.
" But it's so disgusting!" said Torie.
 The two girls were at the park climbing the dome.
" Well you can't get down now, we're already half-way up." argued Makayla.
Torie let out a groan. She hated when she agreed to things that she didn't know what they were.
" Makayla, I want to get down." protested Victoria.
"We are already closer to the top. See, only a few more steps." pointed Makayla.
Torie sighed." Fine."
A few moments later they were at the top of the dome.
" What did I tell you?" said Makayla. " It's not the end of the world."
Torie looked at her clothes.
For Victoria being a girly-girl and all, she surprised herself when she left the house wearing a forest green tank and black capris. She didn't even know she owned something that wasn't pink, purple, or white.
Makayla could tell what Torie was thinking most of the time. This was one of the times.
" When did you get that outfit? " asked Makayla. " I like it. "
Makayla was a 13 year old tom-boy, trying to be as tough as she could be,ever since she experienced the awful car accident that killed her mother and brother three years ago.
She had been a nice little girl, trying to be like her big sister, Margrett, who was 14 at the time. Ever since then, until she met Torie, she was a sad, miserable girl who never smiled, nor laughed.
She cried for a year every night, for she wanted her dear mother and older brother back.
She screamed when people tried to comfort her, saying she didn't want them to talk to her.
Then, last year, she met Victoria Talean, who told her that God loved her and wanted her to talk to him, to pour her heart out. She accepted Jesus into her heart and has become Torie's best friend ever since then.
"I didn't even know I had it until this morning." replied Torie.
" Well you should wear it more often." said Makayla knowing what she just said was pointless.
Torie shrugged.
" We could get down now. " suggested Makayla.
Torie nodded.
The girls started going down, Makayla going first.
" Yuck!! It's more dirty over here than it was over there!" complained Victoria.
"Tough up! You are really getting on my nerves!" said Makayla cruelly.
Victoria looked at Makayla. She expected more of her.
Torie looked beneath her through the holes.
Without thinking, she jumped through.
Makayla shrieked.

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