Friday, August 30, 2013

Victoria Hope Talean (Part 2)

Makayla jumped down.
"Torie, are you all right?"
" Yeah, Makayla. I'm fine." answered Torie as she stood up.
"Did you slip or something?" asked Makayla.
"No. I jumped off." said Torie honestly.
"Why in the world do you do that? Torie, I wonder about you sometimes." stated Makayla.
Torie ignored her and payed more attention to the wound on her knee. She must have scratched it on a rock when she fell (no jumped) off.
" You wanna go back to your house for lunch now? "  asked Makayla as she examined the scratch.
"Sure, why not? " Torie said as they started to walk away from the dome. She saw a piece of paper on the ground that said, "Life is good". Torie thought about it for a second.
Life is good? I wonder who wrote that. I would say life was decent, because we all sin and the world is a horrible place. Heaven is where I would say life was good, thought Torie. Right then, Makayla spoke. " Torie? Do ever wonder why people believe that the world was just a speck that ' accidentaly ' exploded? I mean that we were once apes? I think that doesn't even make sense! How come we can talk and apes don't? And anyway, things just don't change over the years! Say you plant a pear tree. First it's a pear, then a mix between a pear and an apple, then just an apple in millions of years later. People are crazy! I want to see them do that! It's impossible. " said Makayla speaking her mind as usual.
" I know! I mean where did the speck come from? How did it all explode into millions of things? People are crazy." replied Victoria. Torie loved walking down this street. The houses were so beautiful, not to mention the flowers out front. And to think Torie saw it every day because she lived on this street. East C St.,thought Torie. I love that we even live on this street. I love that we are just down the street to a park, my favorite park.
Torie just couldn't imagine Heaven being so much more beautiful and so much more better! Torie couldn't wait!
Oh Lord, I crave to be in your presence. To talk to you. To see you.
That night she wrote down in her diary," Dear Diary,
 Makayla and I went to the park and I did the stupidest thing. I jumped of the dome. On the way home, shortly after I did my stupid act, I saw a paper saying life was good on the ground. It made me think of how badly this earth has it. When Adam and Eve sinned thousands of years ago, the whole world fell apart- stealing, drugs, abuse, and all of the other things we do. It makes me want to cry out to God. I am so glad he loves me even in all of this mess..."
Torie fell asleep.

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