Saturday, March 29, 2014

Doll Lover's New Design

 Hey guys! G.P.L. here! How's it going?
 Well, I just checked out Doll Lover's (a.k.a. Sophia or Julie Albright) new blog design. It is so awesome! Love the wood look, Sophia! She's got it super organized, so you can find whatever post she has ever did! And, she has different pages for different things! Like on one page it is called," Sponsors" while another is called," Button Swap???" I'll give you the scoop on what each page is for.

"My Story" is all about her. How old she is, what she likes to do, what she LOVES (which is horses), and that kind of stuff.

"Awesomeness" has awards and buttons on it. I don't know if those are other's buttons or if she designed them for them.

"Want to Guest Post?" is exactly as it sounds. She has her email on there and you would email her if you wanna do a post on her blog-I think :).

"Sign Up for Our Newsletter!" is a page where she tells you how to sign up for the newsletters. I haven't gotten one yet, so I can't really tell you much about it. Sorry :(

"Sponsor Us": If you don't have a blog, then this page doesn't really concern you. If you do have a blog, then what this page is, is about if you wanna basically do what I am doing. I am technically sponsoring her right now. I am telling about her blog on mine. Oh, just google the word "Sponsor"!

"My Amazing and Super Kind Sponsors" is where she puts your name if you sponsor her for all to see! That would be a good thing to do if your blog is just starting out. Then, because her blog is more popular, people will start coming to your blog and then they will tell others about your blog and then bam!, you've hit the 1000 people mark!

"Button Swap???" is a page where she will advertise your blog by putting your button on her's while you put her button on your's. Then it's a win-win!

"Give it a Caption Winners" is a page that I have no idea what it is about, so you're going to have to ask her!

Well, that was all of them, so check out her blog. Don't know the address? Just click here to go to it! Hope this helps Doll Lover!
 Oh, and she has a goal of 30 followers. She already has 26, so she just needs 4 more! Do you think that you can do it? She said she is going to do a giveaway and other cool things once the goal is hit, so get your fingers typing and your mouse clicking!

Loving Him more everyday...



  1. Nice plug for Doll Lover.
    Speaking of new designs, your new blue background is spectacular.

  2. Thank you! I try. LOL! Just doing a favor for her =)


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