Sunday, March 30, 2014

Twice the Fun-Part 7

Aurora King

"You're not from here! Ooh, yay! I get to show you around, teach you about our country, ooh are you in for a treat!" the mermaid said joyfully.
"Um, yeah, we're definitely new here..." I said.
"Excellent! So what should I teach you first? Catoe? What about the underwater worlds? You guys would love Crystal Waters! Well, of course you have already seen it. I mean, you are looking at it right now! Should I tell you about Rebecca Z. and Alexandria D.? Oof, that would be a lot to take in!"
"Natalie?" Air said.
"Yeah? What is it?"
"You can't show us the underwater worlds! We'll drown before we even get there!" said Air, the drama queen.
"Ugh! Just jump in! Trust me, you will not drown." encouraged Natalie, not!
"I don't feel well. I have a cold, so I can't go swimming. The doctor said so." I lie. 
"Roar, hold your breath!" said Air.
"What? Why?"
But before I get out the 'why' part, she gave me a big shove.
No, no, no! Ariana!
Air laughed. "Look out below!" she said as she jumped in.
How can she be laughing? I'm about to die!
As if she was reading my thoughts, Ariana said,"You are not going to die, Roar. Jeez!"
Natalie just sat there, on the side of the water."I'll show you Crystal Waters down below in about 10 minutes. Right now, let's swim!"
But there was one thing they didn't know. I can't swim!


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