Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Last Oreo & Squeaker Post

   Hello guys. I am so sorry that I haven't had time to tell you this before today...I don't know how to say it. I just don't know!
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I'm just going to say it: Oreo died from old age last week.

We knew that he was going to die soon, so we took him out of his cage with Squeaker-because Squeaker was fighting Oreo and hurting him-and put him in another. Oreo died four days after I took all of these pictures to remember him bye.

Oreo's full name was Oreo Chocolate Cookie. We will grieve for him and remember him always. He was the guinea pig that everyone loved in life. He licked your finger if you put it by his mouth. He was calm and gentle and sweet. He was soft and cuddly. He was everyone's favorite to hold because of his warm nature. He was the best guinea pig out of the three I have owned. He was so gentle and calm that I would take him out for all the little kids to pet. And he loved it. 

I am sad to say that in his last moments, we were not there for him. I had gone to swimming and the family had to pick me up. When we got home, we found Oreo's eyes closed and he was laying down. I've stayed strong-not cried, I mean-until I had to type this post out. I wish it was Spring, so we could have a proper burial like we had with Ginger(our other guinea pig), but the ground is too frozen to dig. 

Do you believe in a special place in Heaven for animals?

As for Squeaks, we are going to find a new home for him. We are done with the guinea pigs, for now anyway. As of right now, Squeaker is living alone in his cage, which I sadly report that he is enjoying being lonely, I guess. Maybe he was just born to be a loner. 

Everyone say farewell to Oreo. I know that you guys aren't as attached as I am--or was--but I know that you will understand that I needed to make this post. For me...for Oreo...


  1. I'm so sorry Trinity! I know you loved him and he was so cute!

    1. Thanks. :') He was cute. *tearing up again* :)

  2. I'm so sorry! R.I.P......:(

  3. Awww, I'm so sorry! :(

  4. Awwww OREO!!!!! SO sorry Guinea Pig Lover!! :( It's always hard when you lose a pet. Hope you feel better soon.<3 <3

  5. I'm so sorry! Losing pets hurt a lot. And his name is so cute, Oreo... :'(

    xoxo Morning


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