Monday, November 9, 2015

Beautiful Art

   I don't know what's wrong with me, but lately (and by lately I mean last night and today), I've just been obsessing over art. I love art. I cannot for the life of me draw something amazing like what you are about to see below, but I just...LOVE IT!!! It's just hard to wrap my mind around how people can draw such beautiful creations. Can you draw well? I most certainly can't. Anyway, here is just some pictures that I can't handle because they are so beautiful asdfghjkl;!

Drawing hair takes forever, but the result is worth it. :3
Are you an artist? Are you looking for one? Join b-uncut, the Art Exchange
ღThe Woman İllusrationsღ  OFFİCİAL PAGE:
Medieval maid by on @deviantART
French braid. One of those things were I thought "should I pin this to my hair board or my art board?" I went with art.
The night is still very young
72b10e771ce3b1fdddbf093359b728e1-pjh1l8.jpg 400×600 Pixel
Parchment & Pixel illustration of Anna Campbell's 'Eloise' gown
detailed face and body that falls into a lightly sketched sweater
the way i feel is always written on my face.. //what a beautiful drawing/ not sure of the artist
“There’s a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief … and unspeakable love.” — Washington Irving
Ileana Hunter is a graphite artist currently living and working in Norwich, UK. Her realistic pencil drawings are inspired by both the fluidity of the human body and the hidden lyricism of mundane objects
I'm so happy people draw mermaids more intricate than once before.
Pencil Sketches of Women Faces (I'm pretty sure that this is Emmy Rossum)
drawing of hair and jewelry, no face
Print from Original Watercolor Fashion Illustration Modern Art Painting titled Life In Love. $22.00, via Etsy.

Beautiful pencil sketch hair...with the addition of pretty Daisies
Hair is beautiful so is that face |For more mermaid love, click here-->
Pumpkin had always worn her sorrow like a veil. It was obvious she was upset but only she knew why.

Wolf Fine Art Illustration PRINT by JoellesEmporium on Etsy, £6.00 - great for Wolf's room!
Detailed line drawings <3
Susan Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia | 21 Totally Crush-Worthy Literary Characters
She's beautiful! <3
One Art Print Glossy Emo Traditional Girl at Beach Ocean by zindy, $14.95
meisjes die staren krijgen jongens met rode haren Pencil Draft #draft #sketch
Art by Kim Yoon Hee ... ..."The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Artwork We Love: Prints By Teagan White
THIS is a stunning design and an art itself....Spectacular detailed drawing .... WOW!!!
Moleskine 3 sketch by ~Sabinerich on deviantART
35 Beautiful Flower Drawings and Realistic Color Pencil Drawings | Read full article: | more | Follow us
It amazes me how someone can just pick up a pencil or crayon and just move it around on a piece of paper and produce something like this. Quite an advance on those first cave drawings, but we had to start somewhere. Teach your child to draw, it is a special gift.
this is kinda what an epic performance feels like to me. nothing existing but the music and you. :)
Christian Siriano Looks to Build His House - Slideshow -
It's such a simple, pretty, textured sketch. (by Charlie Bowater)

It's always hard for me to draw hair, with all of the contrasts of shading and texture... This is a good image to use as practice or a guideline.
Love drawing things like this were it shows the persons back and it let's the viewer come up with the face
I can seriously never get tired of looking at drawings of eyes. So magical.:
she looks as if she is considering to jump, but the flower vines see the beauty in her and just won't stand by and let her give up without trying to stop her.:
"May I kiss you? May I keep your sadness in me, and leave my tenderness in you? May I wipe that tear of yours with my lips, and steal a smile from your beauty?" f. wolff
This is amazing! Would never be able to draw anything as good as that, but the flowers-in-hair idea..
50 Amazing Pencil Drawings,,:
Грация, очарование, вдохновение, страсть. Художник Анна Разумовская | Наслаждение творчеством
quick small sketch | Flickr - Photo Sharing! I would love to be able to draw this. We'll see. I will tryy
Selkie my cottage is called Selkie cottage - after the fleeting kelpie shape shifting in the corner of the eye ...:
Drawing hair is my forte. This black and white sketch drawing of a girl with long wavy hair is one of my popular hair drawings. If you are
how to draw curls pic of wavy and curly head back side
beautiful eyes ♡:
Beautiful art! Love the hair!!! And obviously the tattoo
*and the pain that destroys us sometimes creates something unseen by the naked eye*~s
Have you tried drawing with prismacolor pencils yet? They are fantastic! Stop by the BYU Bookstore and pick some up!
Angels  Drawings | Recent Photos The Commons Getty Collection Galleries World Map App ...:
Okay, this is a more creative take on the eye. Often, I just see people trying to make dewy, beautiful, commonplace, lackluster eyes with nothing exceptional to them.
Stunning Ballerina drawings and sketches (20)
If you look at this, you're gonna turn to stone!:
17-Year-Old Self-Taught Mexican Artist Creates Stunning Watercolors And Pencil Drawings | Bored Panda:
Maybe we're not all so different after all.

drawing of kristen
Oooooh so pretty!!!! I love the dress.
Two girls did this picture by our middle school choir room, and it looked fantastic :)
Maleficent by Gretlusky
Hunger Games fanart: I don't know who the artist is, but they are awesome!
Best Frozen fan art of Elsa and Anna.
Little-maleficent by KoweRallen
Woah...that is awesome!


  1. Love all these!! They are all so beautiful!!! I'd love to see a part 2! ;)

    1. LOL, once I find more pieces, I'll be sure to make a Part 2! ;)

  2. How pretty! I absolutely love the 3rd one!

    1. Yes, so do I! I realized when I did this post that I had a lot of pictures of eyes, girls, and hair! XD


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