Thursday, December 31, 2015

Taking the Year Off

   Hey guys. I know. It's so tragic. I've just decided that I need the rest of 2015 to just...chill. I've been doing a horrible job blogging, and next year, I'll make it up to you guys. I promise I will! But as for this year, well, I'm done. Hasta la vista, friends. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the year. See ya in 2016!!!


P.S. Have a great New Years' Eve!!! ;)

P.P.S. Make some amends with your close friends and relatives, but don't forget to make amends with God.


  1. I'm sad to see you gone for the rest of the year, but I'm sure it will be well spent! I'll c ya next year then, Trinity! :'(
    P.S Happy New Year's Eve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. LOL, Katie! Didn't you get the joke? Today is the last day of the year! Which means that next year (tomorrow) I'll be back posting!

    2. Oh yeah, I got it!! That was me, playing along! ;P
      ~Katie@ sparkly

    3. Okay! Phew! You got me all panicked!

    4. Okay! Phew! You got me all panicked!

    5. LOL! :'D
      ~Katie@ sparkly


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