Saturday, January 30, 2016

2016 Writing Contest

   Hey guys! This is my first post of 2016, so I decided that I should make it memorable! I was looking at writing prompts and an idea popped into my mind: what if I had a writing contest? Well, last time I did this, it was pretty much a failure, due to only one entry. Hey, shoutout to Meghan for entering! Thanks again! Anyway, let's get into what your prompt is, rules, how to enter, etc.

Your Writing Prompt:

How to Enter: 

  • Comment below on this post and simply state that you are entering.

How to Give Me Your Story:

  • Send me your story through email. Email me at my blogging email address:
  • I will be posting all of the entries when the time comes to pick a winner, but if you do NOT want me to post your story, please tell me in your email. However, I will not be able to crown you winner if you don't want me to post it.
  • Tell me your name that you want me to call you when posting your story. If you want to remain anonymous, that's fine too. But like in the previous bullet, I will not be able to crown you winner if you are anonymous.


  • You must comment to tell me that you are entering by February 20th.
  • I must have your entry by March 1st.
  • No profanity or inappropriate anything.
  • Your emotion that you pick must be clear to the readers.
  • No horror or particularly dark emotions please. (If you do something like death, just know that I will be judging whether or not to put it in my blog post with the other stories.)
  • One entry per person.
  • Be as creative as you can!

Additional Info.:

  • I have no idea when I will be posting all of the entries and declaring the winner, so don't get all freaked out if all of March has passed. I doubt that that will be the case though, as I won't force you guys to wait anxiously to see if you won.
  • If you give me your entry on March 2nd, I'll allow it to qualify, as long as you followed the other rules.

   I hope that you guys have fun with this and that this time there will be more than one entry! Again, have fun! I'll be waiting for your comments! Oh yeah, and one last thing! If you could spread the word about my writing contest, I would forever be grateful. <3 <3 <3 If you want, you can use my image that I made up there especially for you guys! Okay, that's all now. Thank you for reading this post and have a wonderful year in 2016!!!


  1. I'll attempt to enter! :)

    xoxo Morning

    1. Ooh yay!!!!! Thanks so much for being the first to enter, Morning! This means so much to me!!! :D

  2. I'd love to enter! I'll try very hard :) This sounds fun! And it's good to see you posting again!

    1. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!! This contest is already going WAY better than the original one that I had. I already have two participants! Yay!

  3. Awesome! Do fanfics count? ;) lol. I would LOVE to enter!!

    1. You bet they do! Just as long as you display a certain emotion in it.

  4. I'm attempting to enter as well! =)

  5. I'm attempting to enter as well! =)

    1. Umm, I'm not sure why my comment posted twice....sorry!

    2. It's totally okay! Thanks for entering!

  6. I will try to do the writing contest as well! Thanks for the idea! =)

    1. Yes, I was going to ask the same thing: does it have to be a whole story, or just a scene? Thanks!

    2. It can be whatever you want to be. There is no word limit, just as long as it isn't EXTREMELY long. Thank you for entering!


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