Sunday, September 1, 2013

Victoria Hope Talean (Part 3)

"Torie, breakfast!" shouted Jackie, Torie's nine year old sister, from the kitchen.
"Coming!" shouted Torie as she quickly got dressed. 
Today she was wearing a pink t-shirt that said,"Mt.Evans" on the front and a pair of white capris. Torie rushed down the hallway, hoping that what they were having was not scrambled eggs. It was.
Torie groaned. They had scrambled eggs every other day. It was getting old.
"Torie, what do you say to your mother for making this food?" asked Dad (a.k.a. Jeremiah Dakota Talean).
"Thank you, Mom." said Victoria making a funny face.
"You're welcome." said Mom (a.k.a. Judy-May Eve Talean). "Let's pray now that everyone is here."
"Can I pray, Dad?" asked Zach, Torie's eight year old brother
 "I already asked." stated Justin the 'clever' thirteen year old.
"Ahhh...." groaned Zachery.
"You can pray for lunch."said Mom peacefully.
 Justin prayed,"Dear Lord,
I want to thank you for the food and my mom who made it. I ask you to help all of the missionaries that are teaching about you in all of the different countries and that you keep them safe. Please help Aunt Christy battle cancer and that she'll live though it and praise you for it. Please bless this food to our use.
In Jesus' name I pray,   Amen."
They all started to eat.
"Mom? What's for breakfast tomorrow?" asked Jacqueline.
"French toast or cereal." replied Mom.
Oh, thank God! Not eggs.
"Yummy!" shouted Zach.
"Quiet down, son."said Dad.
"Okay."obeyed Zach.
"What kind of cereal?" asked Jackie.
"The cereal you eat." answered Torie.
"What kind of cereal you eat?"
"The good kind."said Justin.
"What good kind of cereal you eat?"
"The kind that's good for you."said Dad.
"What good kind of cereal you eat that is good for you?"asked Jackie smiling. It was a joke that Dad made up when Jackie was born and Torie asked those same questions.
"Rice Crispies!"said Mom giving up.
Everyone laughed.
"Guess you aren 't as good as we are, Judy-May."teased Dad with a grin.
"I guess not."said Mom. 
She slipped Dad a quick kiss.
"Break it up, break it up!" said Justin in his coach voice.
Everyone giggled.
I love this family,God,thought Torie,thank you for choosing me to be in it...


  1. You are an awesome writer! Maybe you could do a post on writing books?

  2. How do you make your writing slant?

  3. What do you mean writing slant?

  4. Like how torie prays! How do you do that?

  5. oh! Haha! It's easy. Just click the I when you are typing a post that is slanted at the top of the page.


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