Friday, September 13, 2013

Victoria Hope Talean (Part 4)

"Torie!Come and do the dishes!"shouted Mom from the kitchen.
"Hold on!"Torie shouted back. She ran through the hallway into the kitchen to load the dishes into the dishwasher.
"Torie, I was wondering if you would like to come shopping with me and Jackie today?"asked Mom.
"It depends. Are we going grocery shopping or clothes shopping? And are we shopping for Jackie's stuff?"
"We are going clothes shopping for both of you." answered Mom.
"Okay, sure. I'll go. Can we invite Kayla along? And her sister for Jackie?" asked Torie as she started to load the dishes into the dishwasher.
"Sure. Can we invite Mrs. TeKape along for me?" joked Mom as she cleared the table.
"Yep. Can I call when I'm done?"
"Sure. You may as well invite Makayla's other sister along."
"Okay. So ask for Kayla, Mrs. TeKape, Tracy, and Margrett. Got it."stated Victoria more to herself than to Mom.
"I'm going to go tell Jacqueline about our little spree, while you call and make sure they can come."said Mom finishing the table.
"Okay. What are the boys going to do while we're gone?"asked Torie. 
"They're going fishing." replied Mom.
"Oh."said Torie closing the dishwasher and making her way to the phone.
She dialed Makayla's phone number from heart and heard someone pick up on the other end.
"Hi, this is Torie."
"Oh hi, Victoria. Do you want to speak to Kayla?"asked Mr. Bob TeKape.
"Yes, sir. That would be great." replied Torie.
"Okay, hold on while I get her."said Bob TeKape."Makayla! Your friend is on the phone!"
A few moments later there was a voice saying,"Hello?"
"Hi," said Torie."My Mom and I was wondering if you, your mom, and your sisters would like to come on our shopping spree with us this afternoon?"
"Hold on a sec." Makayla stopped talking.
"Hello?" came Kayla's voice a couple seconds later.
"Hi. My mom said sure. Where do you want us to meet and what time?"asked Kayla.
"Um... How 'bout one o'clock? Do you want to meet us at Kmart?"suggested Torie.
"Sure! See you at one in the Kmart parking lot. Oh! My mom wants to know if we are having lunch too?"asked Kayla.
"Um... I don't think so. My mom's outside so I can't ask her. I'm just going to say no."said Torie.
"Okay, thanks for inviting us. See you later. Bye!" said Kayla.
"Bye, Makayla! See you soon."
Torie hung up.


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