Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Victoria Hope Talean (Part 5)

Later that day, after lunch, they met the TeKape girls at Kmart.
"Where's Margrett, Rachel?" asked Mom in the parking lot.
"She told me after Victoria called that she already told her friend that she was going over to her house this afternoon, so she didn't come." said Mrs. Rachel.
"Oh, well tell her we missed her today when you get home for me, will you?" asked Mom.
"Sure." said Mrs. Rachel. "Let's go inside and do some serious shopping."
Mrs.  Rachel tried to look tough.
Mom burst out laughing at the sight. Then Torie, Kayla, Jackie, and Tracy did too.
Finally, once Kayla could contain her laughter she said,
"Come on guys, it's getting hot out here."
They all started to walk to the entrance. They parted into groups of twos.
Tracy and Jackie, Torie and Kayla, and Mom and Mrs. Rachel.
Once they were inside, Mom and Mrs. Rachel went to grab carts as the other girls watched.
"What are you getting?" asked Kayla suddenly.
"I need pajamas, shorts, and tank tops for this summer. What about you?" replied Torie.
"T-shirts, shorts, and shoes. You know, I'm a tom-boy, but I still love shopping." said Kayla.
"I can tell." said Torie, giving Kayla a look.
"What?" asked Kayla spotting Torie giving her the look.
"Nothing." said Torie grinning.
"What?" asked Kayla clueless and grinning too.
Torie didn't answer and pretended to ignore her. She look at the two adults making their way to the girls' section. Torie started to follow.
Then, out of the corner of her eye she saw Tracy pick something up of the shelf she was standing by.
"This is pretty." commented Tracy as she studied the object.
That's when Torie saw it. The object was slipping out of Tracy TeKape's fingers!
"NOOOOO!!!!!" shouted Victoria as many people looked at her strangely.
But it was too late. Glass shattered everywhere.
Tracy let out a ear-piercing scream, collapsing on the ground. Jackie was right behind her, and screamed too but was still standing.
Mom and Mrs. Rachel both turned around, but that was a mistake. What they saw was a breath-taker.
"TRACY!" Mrs. Rachel shrieked.
At that moment Torie let out a quick prayer.
God, prayed Victoria. Please let Tracy not be hurt badly.
But it didn't look as if that was possible.

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