Friday, November 8, 2013

Babysitter: Chelsea Trust PART 3

On Thursday, Chelsea was just about ready for her 1st babysitting experience. She thought she might as well bring a few toys from when Peyton was a baby. Of course, that was not long ago since Peyton is only eight.
So there she was, packing up toys in her blue duffel bag in the living room. She was going to be dropped off in 30 minutes at the Alquist's house. The Alquists had four kids- Annabell, Dorothy, Millie, and Doug. But it wasn't the number of kids that was the problem, it was their ages.
Annabelle was 8, Dorothy was 6, Millie was 3, and Doug was almost one. Talk about a handful!
Yes sir, this was going to be a challenge.
"Good luck with your babysitting job, Chelsea." said Nathan Isaiah Trust.
"Thanks, I'm probably going to need it! Especially if I have four kids that are 8, 6,3, and eleven months old!" Chelsea joked.
The two siblings laughed together. Out of all the kids in the Trust family, Chelsea was totally closest to Nathan, even though he was 13.
Just then, James walked in, ruining the brother/sister moment.
"Nathan, I need to talk to you." said James.
"Why?" asked Nathan not moving.
"Because I do." said James.
"James, I asked why." said Nathan.
"Nathan, I said because I do..." said James coldly.
Chelsea and Nathan could tell that James was having a bad day.
"Well, then you'll have to wait, because I am already talking to Chelsea." said Nathan peacefully.
James scowled. Then he turned around and went to Mason and his room.
Just seconds later, Mason came into the living room.
"He kick you out?" said Nathan chuckling.
Mason nodded and then took a seat next to Chelsea.
"So you're babysitting the Alquists, huh?" asked Mason in a big brother way.
"Yup." said Chelsea still packing.
"Don't they have four kids under nine?" asked Mason.
Chelsea nodded. "An eight year old, a six year old, a three year old, and a eleven month old."
"Cool. Conrad said his sister babysat them once." remarked Mason.
Chelsea just nodded.
Fortunately, it was time to go by the time she was finished packing the duffel bag full of toys. So Chelsea and Mom hopped into their 15- passenger van.
"Now Chelsea, remember you're first-aid training if anything goes wrong. And you know you can always call me or the Alquists if you don't know what to do." said Mom for the one-hundredth time.
"Mmm hmm..." said Chelsea nodding her head.
Chelsea was in her own world, though. She was still thinking when the Trusts pulled into the driveway. They were still ten minutes early.
"Okay, dear. I'll be back to pick you up when you call me. I hope you have a fun time with the kids. Bye!" Mom gave Chelsea a quick kiss on the cheek.
"Bye Mom. See you later." replied Chelsea as she grabbed her bag and opened the side door.
Chelsea jumped out of the van. It was raining, so Chelsea quickly ran to the door and ran the doorbell.
Ding, Dong...Ding,Dong...
The door opened quickly and a man in his early thirties appeared.
"Hello, you must be the babysitter we've been waiting for. I'm sorry, but it seems I have forgot your name. Do you mind saying it again for me?" asked the man.
"It's Chelsea. And yours is...?"
"Ashton Alquist. I'd prefer if you just call me Ashton instead of all that mumbo jumbo Mr. and Mrs. stuff." said Ashton. Chelsea could tell he was very open to speak his mind.
"Okay. May I come in?" asked Chelsea politely.
"Oh yes! I am sorry about that. Come on in, Chelsea." said Ashton stepping aside.
Chelsea stepped inside. A surprise met her there...

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