Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Babysitter: Chelsea Trust PART 4

What a mess! Toys, books, garbage, and other random objects lay everywhere! Chelsea had never seen such a house like this. But she did not judge them yet. They did have four wild children on their hands!
Just then, a woman that looks to be about 29 years old walked into what looked to be a living room.
"Oh hello! You must be Chelsea. I'm Laura and that's Ashton. I believe you just met. Take a seat, don't be shy!" welcomed the woman as she motioned for Chelsea to sit.
"Annabelle, Dorothy, Millie!" called Ashton.
"Doug is sleeping. He'll probably wake up in a hour. They haven't had dinner yet, so I hope you can come up with something. Just make sure you give them a fruit or veggie with it." said Laura.
"Okay. Um...can you show me where you keep your band-aids?" asked Chelsea politely.
"Sure thing. Why don't you meet the girls first, though? Did I tell you their ages?" asked Laura.
"Yes, you did." said Chelsea.
As if right on cue, all three girls paraded into the living room. First was(Chelsea guessed) the 6 year old Dorothy. Dorothy had short, curly blonde hair, blue-green eyes, and a look of wonder on her face.
Next was Annabelle, the 8 year old. Annabelle looked a lot like Millie, who came last. The eight and three year olds both had red hair down to their shoulders, green eyes, and while Millie bore the look of wonder, Annabelle had a look of dread.
"Who is she?" asked Millie, pointing to Chelsea.
"Her name is Chelsea Trust. She's going to be your babysitter for tonight." answered Ashton.
"Hey guys!" said Chelsea, waving.
The girls were skeptical, but who would blame them? The Alquist girls have never seen this 'so called' Chelsea Trust in their lives, and yet their parents left them alone with her? How absurd!
"Girls, you behave for Chelsea now. Help her out with Doug. She's going to make dinner for you while Daddy and I are out. We'll be back after you go to bed." said Laura.
"Okay." said all three girls in unison.
"Will we see you tomorrow though?" asked little Millie.
"Yes, yes. We'll be here when you wake up. Goodbye girls." said Ashton as Laura gave the children kisses.
"Bye!" said Millie and Dorothy as their parents walked out the door.
They never showed me where the band-aids were, thought Chelsea.
Once the door was shut, the trouble began...


  1. Oh no! The trouble? DUN DUN DON!!!!! Lol!!

  2. Nice blog! :)

    -Meghan at

  3. Thanks! I know this is a lot to ask, but would you advertise it for me?


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