Friday, November 8, 2013

Victoria Hope Talean (Part 7)

The crash Victoria heard was deafening, as she hit her head on the passenger seat of the Talean's mini van. 
Makayla, who was on Torie's left side, did the same, only harder. Margrett, Kayla's older sister, was in the passenger seat up front bracing herself. Margrett didn't have her seat belt on, so she bounced up when the van crashed into another vehicle and hit her head on the roof of the van.
Torie's head throbbed, but she payed more attention to the driver - Mom. Mom had it worse.
When the wind shield shattered, it shot all over. Since Margrett was in the front seat, she got hit with glass the most out of all three girls, but it was nothing compared to Mom.
Torie closed her eyes. She wanted to disappear. She stole a quick glance at Kayla. Kayla was not moving.Her eyes were shut, forehead swollen, and head bobbling from side to side. 
That was when Victoria lost it. Sure, she had been scared before, but that was nothing now... Torie knew Kayla was dead next to her.
Torie woke up frightened. She had never dreamed of something so real as the one she had witnessed.
What if that really did happen?What would I do if it did?, Victoria asked herself.
The dream disturbed her so much, that when she got out of bed, she was shaking. She wanted to go and see Kayla, even though Torie knew that the dream was not real, so that she could double check.To bad the Talean family had other plans, though.
It had been four days since Jackie and Tracy had that accident. Tracy was fine, Jackie was fine, all ended well. Except, of course, Jackie had to get her stitches removed that day. Jackie, Mom, and Dad were the only ones going, so that left the other three kids with a babysitter - Tara Graham.
Tara Graham was a fifteen year old girl who had caramel colored hair with bright blue highlights(not surprising since her favorite color was blue), a pierced nose, pierced ears(going all the way up), and hazel eyes. She wasn't a very good money saver, hence she got stuck with a babysitting job. Tara was pretty cool, once you get to know her. She was the Talean's regular babysitter.
Though the sight of her pierced nose and ears made Torie want to throw up, Torie really liked her. She always brought over movies she rented -with her unsaved money- every time she babysat so she didn't even have to watch the kids all that much. That day, she brought over The Avengers. It was rated PG-13. Personally, Torie thought that Zach was a little to young to watch it, but Mom and Dad didn't mind.
Torie didn't like the movie in the end. But Kayla would have probably liked it. There seemed to be an unwritten rule that whatever Torie didn't like, Kayla did.
By the time the movie was done, Mom, Dad, and Jackie had been home for half a hour. Jackie was upset since she didn't get to what the whole movie, but Torie told her that it wasn't worth spending that much time watching a 'dumb movie'.
"Oh, all right. I'll take your word for it. After all, you are my sister." said Jaqueline.
Torie smiled.
Tara stayed until one o'clock when she said she had to meet a friend at the clothing store.
Not surprising,thought Torie.
Torie guessed the friend she was meeting was probably Jeanette Zolin, Tara's best friend.
Victoria asked Tara about it before she left.
"I'm gonna meet Addison Truelock. She's Carter Truelock's brother." stated Tara as her eyes started to look dreamy. Victoria nodded as though she knew who that was, but truthfully didn't have even a idea of what Tara was talking about.
Tara didn't notice and just kept mumbling about Carter.
Victoria heard bits and pieces like,"...he's in tenth grade" and "... he is probably the best student in the whole high school" and "I adore him...".
That's when Justin interrupted. "Oh I've heard of him! Best football player there is!"
Justin was going into ninth grade next school year, so he already started to learn about high school.
Torie rolled her eyes.
I've had enough!, thought Torie. Football is so boring...

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