Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Hard Decision to Make

 Okay, as you all know, I have been posting parts of my books. Well, I don't know if I should continue with my very first book, Victoria Hope Talean. I say every day to myself,"What is the purpose of the book?" And that is just it, there is no purpose. If I published it and had to write on the back of it what it was about, I wouldn't know what to write. So, I have come to a conclusion. Maybe we should vote? Everyone who thinks that it should go type in the comment section a :( . Everyone who thinks it should stay type in a XD. Okay? So, please participate in the hard decision. I need to have at least 4 opinions. And I am not going to post any VHT until the decision is made, sorry. Goodbye.


  1. Well, I liked the first few chapters, but the last chapter made no sense to me really. I don't want to do this but I say. X( Which is both. So if u don't continue, thats fine. But if it stays, thats cool too.

  2. Do you have an overall outline for your story? Friends of mine who write regularly say it is a must to keep focus. Plus there are rewrites. Do you have a single manuscript that to you cut and paste from? You could reread the complete work and see what the reread sparks. Posting rewrites is a good thing, shows the creative process.

  3. Uh... no?? So is that a :( or a XD?

  4. I'd have to say XD. If it's your dream, go for it. Maybe try writing another book. It will help. Trust me hon, you'll get the hope you need. Keep believing!



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