Saturday, January 11, 2014

Twice The Fun-Part 2

 Ariana H. King

I burst out crying.I couldn't help it. I was really going to miss my friends.
"It's alright Air." said one of my friends named Bonnie Turner. You wanna know why they call me,"Air"? Because I take up a lot of air crying! That's what they think!
 I nodded. That was all I could do then. My sister Roar (as I like to call her), would probably say I was being too dramatic, if she were there. But I was not being dramatic!
 "Yeah Air. I'll text you every week." said another named Brittany Pine.
"Me too." said Phoebe Johnsen.
"I'" I said between gasps for air. Wait a second. It was true! I did take up air! Gasp!
Delaney Stuart rubbed my back. I was a little embarrassed.
"I gotta go, guys." said Bonnie as she looked towards the buses.
"Yeah, I gotta go too." I said
"Bye!" said the group of girls in response.
 I sped to the buses as I wiped tears off of my cheeks. Once I reached Bus 5, I climbed up the stairs.
 I spotted Haley and quickly sat down next to her. "Hey Haley."
"Hi Ariana. I take it you'll miss school." said Haley, noticing my tears.
I blushed. Awkward!"Yeah."
 The bus ride from the school to the house was only ten miles. Those ten miles went by slowly. Finally, I was saying goodbye to my seat buddy.
"Text me!" were Haley's last words. Okay, now I am starting to see why my sister thought I was a tad dramatic. A tad.
 I looked over to Roar, who was sleeping. Sleeping on a bus? Gross!
"Aurora, wake up!" I shook her. She opened her eyes.
"Wh-wh-what?" she grunted as she sat up. At that moment, I was embarrassed for her. People were starring.
 "Get up, dear sister. We're home." I tried to speak in hushed tones.
 She gathered up her stuff quickly and we were out of that stinky bus.
While we were walking up the driveway I heard a beep from my pocket. My phone. I fished it out and read the screen:

Haley Hoffman
6/3/12 2:12 p.m.

The message only had four words, yet it was the sweetest thing somebody had sent to me.

I miss you already...


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