Saturday, January 25, 2014

Twice the Fun-Part 3

 Aurora King

 "Awwww!" I heard my sister gush.
I looked at her. What on earth?
 "Haley sent my a text message saying she misses my already." Ariana explained.
I wrinkled my nose. What a waste of minutes, I thought to myself.
 "Isn't that so sweet?" she asked me. Obviously she wasn't looking at me.
 "Yeah, it's sweet alright." I said just to make her happy. 
She detected my sarcastic tone. "Hey! It is really nice! Leah would never do that for you." Ariana pointed out of-matter-of-fact-ly.
  "That's because she knows that it's a waste of time!" I shot back.
Ariana's face looked like I had just bitten her.
 I laughed as I reached for the door handle to our house.
It was locked. That was strange. Fortunately, I had a key, but I never had to use it until then.
 I dug for my key in my backpack. After about what seemed like forever, I found it. I inserted the key into the knob and turned.
 But what I had seen was not the inside of our house. In fact, it was the exact opposite. It looked to be outside.
Ariana shrieked. "What did you do?!"
"Nothing! I just opened the door!" I exclaimed. What did I do?
 I had swore I just opened the door, but obviously I had done more than that.
 Before Ariana could stop me, I stepped inside. I closed my eyes. Am I just dreaming? I must still be on the bus, sleeping away. There is no possible way that this is real, right?
 But, to my horror, when I opened them again the house was still covered in grass and trees. I took a closer look at the trees. They just swayed in the breeze like nothing peculiarly weird was going on.
"Aurora! Get back over here!" gasped Ariana.
"No. You get in here. Don't you see? It's magic. You must have some adventure in you!" I had encouraged her.
Finally, she stepped in cautiously. I looked around.
 In one corner, I saw a fenced in area. I looked closer and noticed that there was veggies growing behind the fence. I looked behind me, and saw a stream. The water was crystal clear-literally! It looked like it was miles to the bottom, but I could see all the way down.
I gasped as I saw a huge rock about 30 feet away. "Ariana..." I said in a shaky voice.


  1. Woah..... No way. I forgot that this was a fantasy book! Cool!!!!

  2. Oh you don't know what the word cool means. It isn't cool, YET!


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