Saturday, February 8, 2014

Jonathan Thulin ft. Charmaine - Dead Come to Life

Oh my gosh! They both have such beautiful singing voices! And this song isn't just a song. It also is a story-literally! So listen to this. If you don't understand the story, then I will relate.
 So, you know how Jonathan(the greedy man in the video) doesn't obey the king(a.k.a. God) and Charmaine(the humble woman) does. Well, Jonathan represents all of the sinners and everyone who does not listen to God and Charmaine represents everyone who goes to heaven. Well, the king was giving away the eternal life gift, which speaks for itself. But the man didn't listen to the king and he didn't realize what he had done before it was too late... Just like everyone who goes to hell. They don't realize what they have done until bam! bye-bye... This is a very touchy subject. Just, listen to the video...

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