Friday, February 28, 2014

Twice the Fun-Part 5

Aurora King

 "Oh, uh, um..." Air stuttered. 
 "I am Aurora and this is my sister Ariana." I spoke up after I could not bear to just keep staring at her.
 Air nodded in agreement. I laughed to myself. She looked so dumb just standing there!
 "You have very shimmering names. What are you doing by the stream?" asked Natalie River.
 "Um..." I looked at Air. What was I supposed to say? Oh, we were not expecting to be here. We don't even know where we are ? I don't think so! She would think I was the Wacko of the year!
I changed the subject."How old are you?" I asked. Natalie looked to be about 15 or 16. When she told us how old she was, I thought she was joking. "I'm thirteen. Why? How old are you?"she asked.
This time, Air answered. "We are twelve year old twins."
 "Twins? What are twins? Oh, you must mean shells!"
I gave her a puzzled look. Oh well, I had thought.
 "Do you have any brothers or sisters?" Air asked.
Natalie burst out laughing. Then she looked at us. "Oh, you weren't kidding. Yes, I have four sisters and seven brothers."
I blinked. That was a big family. We had eight kids in our family and we thought we had a big family.
 "What are there names?"
"Well, I suppose I should start from the youngest to oldest. There's Aleina, Kai, Demontre, Rueben, Airleas, Dontae, Eleebana, Ladarius, Aaron, me, Ocean, and Sabrina.
"Aleina is 3, Kai is 4, Demontre is 6, Rueben is 7, Airleas and Dontae are shells, both are nine. Eleebana is 11, Ladarius and Aaron are shells too. They're 12. I'm 13, Ocean is 17, and Sabrina is 20."
I let out a whistle. They had way cool names!
 "We have eight kids in our family." said Air. "Four girls, four boys."
"Cool. You Catoer wanna go for a swim?"
 "Huh?" I said, caught off guard. What the heck was a Catoer?

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