Saturday, February 8, 2014

Twice the Fun-Part 4

Ariana H. King

 What does she want now? It's bad enough that we have no idea where we are, I thought as I looked at her."What?"
 "Look over there..." she said as she pointed towards a stream. Then I noticed it. Or rather, a her. I gasped.
 Perched on a rock, was a mermaid. She had beautiful long brown hair with streaks of gold and silver and a very petite figure with a glistening aqua-colored tail. I wished I looked like her. I had red hair though, but it was probably just a little shorter than her's. 
 Cutting into my thoughts, Roar spoke up. "What should we do?"
"Don't look at me! You saw her first so you should come up with a plan." I said, then realized that it didn't quite make much sense. But I wasn't about to admit that to Aurora.
"And how did you come up with that logic?" Roar demanded to know. Somebody's cranky...
"I don't know. But anyway, what do we do? Just try to talk to the mermaid or do we just pretend not to notice her?" I whispered. I had to choke out the word mermaid. It's not everyday that you have to try to figure out if you should talk to a mermaid. I mean, seriously, where are we?
 "Here's my plan, Air. Listen carefully." My sister acted like she was a teacher in charge of me just because she was born 3 minutes before me.
 "Is there a particular reason why you think I don't listen well?" I had asked bluntly.
Roar rolled her eyes."Just listen."
"Fine." I crossed my arms.
"Okay. We are going to pretend that we never even saw her and make some noise. Then, if she's afraid of us she'll swim away. But if not, she'll either stay put or come over here. Sound good?" Roar asked.
I nodded."But how do we make noise?"
"First, let's stop whispering!"
 I could take a hint. She thought I was the stupidest thing alive!
 "Hey!" I shouted. That was all I could think of. I just hoped Aurora had thought of something. Of course, she didn't."What?" she asked.
Then, she smiled. She did that on purpose!, I thought angrily.
"Uh..." I looked towards the 'thing'. It hadn't heard us or seen us yet."I'm starving! What do we have to eat?" I said as loudly as I could.
"Nothing at all." my sister said, barely above a whisper. I am so-o-o-o-o-o going to get her for this.
The mermaid had turned her head toward us. She saw us! With a flick of her tail, she came towards us.
My heart pounded so loud that I thought Aurora might have heard it. 
The mermaid reached us and stuck her head out of the crystal, clear, inviting water.
"Hello. I'm Natalie River. What's your name?"
She was talking to me.


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