Monday, June 23, 2014

Meet Oreo

Oreo: blue
Guinea Pig Lover: black

Hi! I'm Oreo, and today I'm gonna tell you a little bit about myself. So, as you can see, I'm black and white, which is why my name is Oreo. But that's not just why I'm named Oreo. I'm also named Oreo, because I LOVE food! I'll eat anything! I've never actually tasted an Oreo (of course!), but sometimes I like to imagine what it looks like and tastes like. So really, I just see me. Hee-hee! Oh, I just thought of something! :( I hope people don't eat me! AHHHH!

Nobody's going to eat you, Oreo.

Really? Do you promise? 

Yes, Oreo. I pinkie swear.

Okay.'s a list about me:

  • Favorite food: Spinach-no paper. I can't decide!
  • Are you skinny or fat?: I'd say I was medium. People always say I'm fat, but really, compared to pregnant guinea pigs, I'm skinny.
  • Do you get along with your adopted brother, Squeaker?: No. He really annoys me! Sometimes, he jumps on my back!
  • Do you miss your other adopted brother, Ginger, who died in August last year?: Yes, I really miss him. I remember being sort of bossy to him, but I wish now that I hadn't. He was just getting a drink, and he collapsed by the bottle. He couldn't get up. Then, you took him out of our cage, and I never saw him again...The next day, you took me out of my cage, and we went outside. You dug a whole in the yard and then you buried a box in the hole. Why on earth would you just burry a box?
Ginger was inside the box. We buried Ginger.
 Oh. But anyway... More questions!
  • What is your favorite activity?: Eating.
  • Which is your favorite-paper or spinach?: Ummmm...this is a tough one! Uhhhhhh...PAPER!
That's all the questions I have for you today, Oreo. Oh! But by the you want to tell the readers what your full name is, and then what your nick-name is?

No. Not really. It's really embarrassing!

Oh come on! Tough up!

Fine. My full name is Oreo Cookie, but that's not the embarrassing part. My nick-name is Pork-chop. They call me that because I'm fat. :'(

What? It's funny!
  Well, that is the special post, so I hope you laughed out loud(or at least smiled). I wrote what I think Oreo would say. Hope you enjoyed it as much as my brother did! :D Say bye, Pork-chop.



  1. Nice! Don't worry, I smiled and laughed a little. :D


  2. :D LOL! Seriously, that is what Oreo would say if I asked him all of these questions!


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