Friday, June 20, 2014

Twice the Fun-Part 13

Aurora King

Back to square one. Argh! I gave up trying to argue-it was useless. Being surrounded by three girlie-girls,well, didn't really help my case. Of course, all of them wanted to go shopping.
 Ten minutes later, they were in, "Color is My Middle Name-a salon that makes you look like you're the freshest fish around!", trying to decide if Melanie should get more silver highlights. Bor-ing!
 "I think you should. You can barely see the ones you got now-besides, purple and silver are always meant to be together!" said Air.
 I rolled my eyes. Leave it to my sister to get a hair opinion!
 "I don't know, Mel. I don't really think you need them. Of course, you know that I like things natural-that's why my hair isn't aqua!" said Natalie.
 Melanie seemed to be turning both of their opinions around in her head. Then, she asked,
"What do you think Aurora?"
 Naturally, I would have snapped,"I don't care!" but instead, I surprised myself and said,"You're beautiful just the way you are. I vote no."
 "Me too." Natalie agreed.
 "I vote yes." Air tried.
 We all looked at Melanie. She smiled."I vote no."
 Air groaned. We cheered(I mostly just cheered because Air finally got beat at something to do with opinions).
 Mer-people were starring at us. Sure, it was pretty stupid to be cheering about not getting highlights...
 We exited the salon.
 "Want to go to Crystal Water's #1 top shop,"Up North"?" Natalie asked.
 "Sure!" I was the first to speak up. Suddenly, I wasn't so against shopping so much anymore. I still don't know what happened that day, but I also started to like Melanie...
"Let's go!" agreed Melanie.
 We swam up to a big-no, not big, HUGE!-shell building. There was a sign above the door made out of seaweed that had the words,"Up North" on it. 
 We swam in, and I gasped. The building was huge on the outside, but it was huge on the inside. Inside, there were probably hundreds of racks filled with shirts. But according to the sign, there were two other rooms of tank-tops, and 1 room with long-sleeved shirts. I was surprised Air didn't go gaga over the place. But I didn't really think about her just then.
 "How do you even find anything in this place?" I wondered.
 "There are signs. Everything is organized by color. All mermaids are in the same size, so that helps." Natalie stated."By the way, where's Ariana?"
 "Wait, what? I thought she was with us."
 "Hasn't been for a while." Melanie said.
 Then it dawned on me. "She's going back home."

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