Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hello Autumn!

This is my poem about Autumn(I am horrible with poetry, but I had to do this for school):

Hello Autumn

Hello new sights!
I've missed you so.
Scare crows and the wind blowing my hair until it’s a big mess,
the lovely color of the fading green grass.
The pumpkin patches,
the crispy leaves, as they crumble away at my touch.

Hola new smells,
 like the smell of pumpkins in the air,
candles always burning in the night.
The smell of apples everywhere,
how wonderful are all the smells of the air in fall!
Bonjour Autumn feelings!
Feeling raindrops on my head,
getting up one hour earlier from bed,
feeling the grass underneath me prick me,
making myself feel all crazy,
while I jump in leaf piles we just raked,
then raking them all over again.
Ciao new tastes!
With Thanksgiving coming soon,
the tastes of turkey and cranberries on my tongue.
The smells of all of the yummy food in the kitchen,
helping my mom make the pumpkin pie.
Begging her I’d do anything to have a taste,
I would  even die!

Aloha Autumn!
For your new smells,
your new tastes,
your absolutely wonderful sound.
And I am so glad to have the gift of sight,
to see the end of light, after a long day.
Oh please Autumn! Please stay!

Isn't it so corny? Like I said, I am horrible with poetry! But I thought that for those of you who like poetry, you might have wanted to read it. :) So there you go!

Loving Him more everyday...

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