Saturday, October 4, 2014

Twice the Fun-Part 21

 Ariana H. King

 I didn't talk much that day.
 Which is not normal for me at all. Usually I talk and talk and talk all day. But on that day that I started off by crying with Aurora, I didn't say a word. Well, I occasionally said something, but that was mostly to Roar. As the day went on, it just got worse. I was being to forget why I was so sad. How do you forget the reason that tore you away from your family? That made your life broken? 
 Roar and I didn't look at each other much after the thing that happened in her bedroom. I was still pondering what actually did happen. I had never seen Roar cry since 5th grade, and the only reason she cried then was because slipped on the bus-while it was moving-and smacked her head on a metal bar. She ended up having to get stitches. Since I am not such a dare-devil like her, I've never gotten stitches, and I never plan to either.
 I wanted so bad to try and figure out how to get back to Bernabe, but my mind always forgot why. Why do you want to go to a place called 'Bernabe'? What was there? How do you get there? What did you do there? I asked myself over and over again. It made no sense.
 "Ariana, do you want a grilled cheese or pizza?" Mom asked.
 "Pizza," I mumbled back.
 "Ana, you need to speak louder. I can't here you, sweetie." Mom said as she looked down at me with pity. "Why are you and Aurora so quiet today? Did you two have a fight? Or did something happen yesterday?"
 "Mom, nothing happened. I just want pizza for lunch! Stop asking me questions!" I shout at her. The look she gave me broke my heart. "I'm sorry. I'm not hungry anyway."
 I didn't hear her, because I exited the kitchen faster then you could say, "Lunatic" and climbed up the stairs two by two. When I got to the top of our carpeted stairs, I turned right and barged into Roar's room.
 "What the-" Roar started to say, then she stopped when she saw my expression.
 "Come with me," I said as I turned to walk back out of her room. I took a step, then turned around again and looked at her shocked face. "And bring the key."

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