Saturday, January 3, 2015

The End of the World

        Does anybody else get that song (I don't know what it's called) in your mind when you read that title? You know, "It's the end of the world as we know it" from Chicken Little previews or something? Oh, never mind! I shouldn't have even typed that! LOL!
         Anyway...The main reason of this post. Right. Back to that. ;) So, I wanted to recommend this awesome series I've read and read again, and maybe you've heard of it? There is the adult series, and then the young adult series(Or the kids series, whichever name you would like to call it!). I haven't read the adult series, but I have read the kid's one. There are 40 books in the kid's series. I know, you're probably like, WHAT THE!!!???? But trust me, they are really thin books! It takes me about 30 minutes to read each one. :) Okay, I'll tell you what they are called. ;) The series is called The Left Behind >The Kids<. Here is a picture of the books:
(Via Google Images)
And here is the very first book:

Wow, there is a lot of history behind these books! My church library was missing some of the books, so my friend Chickadee and I raised enough money ourselves to buy the books and donate them to our church. It was quite an adventure! Heehee! This series is all about the end of the world, and it is all based from the last book of the Bible, Revelation.
  Let me be honest with you. Revelation is a very confusing book, and for me, it's really hard to read. It talks all about the end of the world, and what John saw in his vision that God gave him. What I like best about this series, is that they actually explain it so I can get my mind wrapped around Revelation. And it tells it through four kids' point of views. Here is what the plot of the whole book is:
"In one shocking moment millions around the globe disappear. Those left behind face an uncertain future—especially four kids who now find themselves alone. As the kids search for help and for answers, they are told the truth behind the disappearances. But are they ready to believe it?"
(Taken from this address.)
There is also a movie based on the adult books. Well, actually 3 movies. The first movie is simply called Left Behind.
    So please look for this series in any library that is in your town. In mine, they have the books in my church library, the public library, and my school library! Oh yeah, the series is written by Jerry B. Jenkins, Tim LaHaye, and Chris Fabry.
Read this series!

Loving Him more everyday...


  1. I'm planning on going out to read these books some time this year; most likely, during summer break!

    xoxo Morning

    1. That's awesome! They are definitely worth your reading time! They are really amazing books! XD

  2. I'm reading them right now!

  3. Hey! Thanks for looking at my blog! :) I'm glad that I'm following yours!

    1. You're welcome and thank you! I'm glad you like it! :D

  4. I'm only on the first one but so far I really like it. :)

    1. That's awesome! The first book is nothing compared to some other books in the series. I'm rereading the series right now, and I'm on #10! If you like the first book, you are going to love the rest of the books! XD Oh man, I could spoil so much for you--but I won't out of the kindness of my heart. ;) LOL!

  5. Ummm I will have to look into these. They sound really cool:)-Bethany!

    1. They are awesome! You should definitely read them! Thanks for commenting Bethany! I love you name by the way!


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