Friday, January 2, 2015

Writing Contest is Over

    Hey girls. I only got one entry for my writing contest...from Meghan! Her button:
Grab My Button!

     Even though she didn't have any competition, I really liked her story:

Shelly, the Mermaid, picked up another clam and knocked kindly on it's shell. "Excuse me, may I see if you have a pearl inside?" She asked sweetly. The Clam opened and revealed a shiny, beautiful pearl. "This is going to make a lovely gift for Coral!" She exclaimed. Coral was having a surprise birthday tomorrow and Shelly was planning it all. Just then, her Shell Phone rung. "Hello?" Shelly asked. "Uhhh. Hi Shelly. We are uh having a problem with uhhh, the cake." Said Sealy. Sealy is the BEST baker in all of AquaTopia. Sealy was going to bake a HUGE cake for Coral's party. "What do you mean?" Asked Shelly. "Well, ya know how I trusted Clammie with ordering more sugar? Well, turns out she made a type-o and spelled Sugar wrong. She spelled it S-A-G-A-R-E. And well, long story short, we have 300 bags of Sagare." Sagare taste worst then shrimp but looks exactly like Sugar. "But you didn't put it in the cake, did you?" Shelly asked. "Umm, yea. I sorta did. But, I'm so sorry Shelly! I'll have to start over. But it might not make it in time." Great. This was exactly what Shelly needed. NOT. "Well, it's ok. Just try to work fast and get it done! I'll sea you later." Shelly hung up the phone and quickly swam to the Banquet Hall were the party was to be held. "Oh my gosh!" Shelly screamed when she swam in. The walls and ceiling were covered in Gerville Sea Weed. "Coral is allergic to Gerville!" Shelly cried. "So allergic, that we would have to scrub this room from top to bottom with snail slim to get all the Gerville off completely!" Shelly thought what to do. "Well, there isn't enough time to scrub it so I'll have to call to rent a new banquet hall!" Shelly called to try to get a room. "Beauty Banquet Halls, this is Oceana (Oh-Shee-Anna), how may I help you?" "Hello! So glad you picked up! See, I need a new hall to rent." Shelly said. "Ah yes, we still have some available for some days. When do you need it? 2 weeks?" Oceana asked. "Actually, tomorrow." Shelly said nervously. "What? You wont get any in all the ocean in such a short notice!!!" Shelly sighed deep. What was she going to do? She had NO location. "Unlike Beauty Banquet Halls! We have one available!" Shelly couldn't believe her ears! What??? "Oh my goodness! THANK YOU!" That was another problem that Shelly fixed! Now, she just needed to tell her volunteer Merpeeps that the location is moved. And she'll have to tell all the Mermaids and Mermen that she changed the location. Could she get this done? Shelly was stressing out and needed to take a break. She swam home to take a 15 minute power nap then get back to work. But she was exhausted and didn't wake up till the next day. 

 Shelly opened her eyes tiredly and realized that it was the day of the party! Shelly glanced at her Water Watch, the party starts in a half hour! Make the gift, decorate the NEW hall, check on the cake, tell all the guest that they changed the location! She couldn't be able to do this all on her own, she needed to call for back up. She called Ariel, Coralia and Beatrice to help her out. Together, they conquered all the problems and fixed and checked on everything! "Ok, is everything set up?" Shelly asked her team of friends as they placed the last water lily on one of the tables. "I think so!" Ariel said. "The guests are here!" Cried Coralie from the window where she was watching. "Hurry! Everyone hide! Your not a moment to soon! Because Coral is on her way right now!" Everyone shouted and quickly hid and turned off the star lights. Coral opened the door and the lights came on. "What?" Coral asked. "SURPRISE!!!" Everyone shouted! Music started playing and bubbles acted like confetti. "We hope you like it!" Said Shelly. "You planned this all? For me? Your the best!" Coral was so excited and shocked. "No, I couldn't have done it without the help of everyone is this room! It's from all of us!" Shelly smiled from ear to ear. "I don't know what to say! This is amazing! Thank you everyone!" Coral laughed. "Let's start dancin'!" Someone yelled out in the blur of Merpeeps. "Yeah!" Everyone seemed to say back. It was a great night that everyone celebrated in the Kingdom of AquaTopia. 

The End

    Good job Meghan! That was awesome! I'll but your blog button on my sidebar for 3 months, and it will also be on my button page. :D Thanks for entering!

Loving Him more everyday...


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    1. :) You're welcome! Thanks for entering and taking the time to type that whole thing!


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