Thursday, April 9, 2015

What's New/Spring Break Post

      Hey girls! What's up? You may be asking the same question. So this is the post where I tell you what has been happening in Trinity world. ;D

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It was my birthday about 3 weeks ago, and I had a wonderful b-day. I'll be posting a post about that sometime later this week.
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I've been included in a group blog called Girls Living For God's Glory
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I went and saw Cinderella in the theater on Tuesday. I will be posting a review soon. 
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I have been listening to Red's new album, of Beauty and Rage.
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I've been writing Twice the Fun like crazy! 
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I've been getting sick off of jelly beans! Too...much...candy! Here was our Easter bowl of candy, if you haven't seen it on my Google+ page. There are robin eggs, chocolate, and jelly beans in the bowl.

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At this very moment, I am eating Reese's Pieces eggs...and getting sick of them also!
(That's me!)

So that's what's been happenin'! Oh yeah, by the way, I'm not going ANYWHERE for Spring Break. So...yeah...that's why I'm drowning myself in candy!

Loving Him more everyday...


  1. Oh my goodness your are so pretty! :) I love your glasses! And your handwriting looks a lot like what mine's was when I was your age (which was not that long ago)! URGH I want to watch the new Cinderella so bad but my parents are like, "No one can take you." :( Happy late birthday, by the way! (Sorry I am all over the place; I've been energetic doing things lately!)

    xoxo Morning

    1. LOL! Thanks, thanks, and thanks! The Cinderella movie is awesome, so you should find a ride! LOL!

  2. You are very very pretty!!! Happy (late) birthday!!! Cinderella sounds really good, I must see it. Yeah I too pigged out on Easter candy that my grandma got me. :)


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