Saturday, May 31, 2014

Official Maleficent Trailer

 Oh my gosh! I just got back from the theaters and just had to tell you about it! It is, by far, my new favorite movie! I LOVED IT! Angelina Jolie is a awesome Maleficent.
 Maleficent has always been the "bad guy" from the start in "Sleeping Beauty". But in this new movie,"Maleficent"(in theaters now) it tells everyone why she is who she is. Not only that-wait, I can't tell you, I'd spoil the whole movie. Argh! I want to tell you everything! Anyway, the tagline of the movie is,"Evil has a beginning."
 You guys HAVE to see "Maleficent", it is so awesome! We didn't see it in 3D, but I would have to admit, it would be extra awesome-but just a little tad bit.
 "Maleficent" is rated PG for fantasy action and violence, including frightening images. I wouldn't bring ages 8 or younger to this movie. It is very dark. I think they were pushing it a little, rating it PG.

Loving Him more everyday...

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