Friday, May 30, 2014

Twice the Fun-Part 12

Ariana H. King

Melanie Aquatic was super nice! She was pretty much exactly like me...well... other than, like, the tail part, but whatever! Maybe that was why Roar seemed unhappy.
 "Wanna have a tour of my place?" Melanie asked us. "It's pretty small, but I could still show you around."
 "Sure!" I said merrily.
 "Okay," Melanie started swimming.
 She brought us into a room that had lots of seashells. I mean, everywhere. Seashells on the walls, seashells on the floor, seashells on seashell tables.
"This is my room," Melanie told us.
 "Wow! You must really love seashells!" I said.
 "Yeah, I really, really love them. Did you know that no two seashells are the same?"
 "Well, duh, everyone knows that." Roar snapped.
 I gave Roar a look. Even though she was older than me by like, 2 minutes and 30 seconds, she sometimes acted like she was a baby.
 "Sorry." I said to Melanie. "She's just being crabby."
 Melanie looked confused."Crabby? Is she trying to be like a crab? Well, she's not doing very well then."
 At first I didn't get it. Then I realized what she meant-she had no idea what crabby meant! "No, she's not trying to be like a crab. Crabby means she's upset about something and she's taking it all out on us."
 "Ummmm...okay..." Melanie said, clearly still confused."Anyway, let's get on with the tour!"
 Melanie lead us into another large room, except instead of being filled with seashells, there were lots of seaweed everywhere. "This is Mom and Dad's room. They like comfortable things. They think I am crazy to sleep on a bed made of seashells." Melanie muttered.
 "Well I think your room is way cooler, Mel." said Natalie.
 Melanie beamed."Thanks Natalie! By the way, how's your family doing?"
 "Fine, I guess. Sabrina is now bound. I can't believe it! She's getting bound to a merman named Cecil Fisher. He's really nice."
 "Oh my gosh! That means you'll have a brother-in-law! I wish I had brothers and sisters." Melanie said.
 I coughed."Um, what does "bound" mean?"
 Natalie and Melanie laughed.
 "What?" I asked.
 Natalie stopped laughing. "Oh...she's serious Mel."
 "Yeah I'm serious!"
 "Um, what do you call it? Let's see... together? Married? Combined? Clung?" Melanie asked.
 "Married." I said. "Is your sister getting married Natalie?"
 Natalie nodded. "Weird, right?"
 "How old is she again?" I asked.
 "Twenty." Melanie answered for her.
 "I would never get married at twenty!" Roar proclaimed. "I'll be 28 at least!"
 Everyone laughed.
  There was silence for a while. Then, I said,"Now what?"
 "Want to go shopping?" Natalie asked.

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