Friday, May 2, 2014

Time Flies

 It's May already! I can't believe it! Can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday it was Christmas...and that was 5 months ago!
 So, Chickadee wants me to keep my second book, "Babysitter: Chelsea Trust" but what do you think? (Chickadee, please do not make 5 more comments on what you think. LOL!) I think it would be a little hard to adjust to posting it again, because it's been like 5 months since I have stopped. Please people, COMMENT!
  What do you think about "Twice the Fun" so far? Is it good? Does it lack something? Is it just perfect? Or do you think I've been spicing it up a little too bit? What do you think?
 Do you remember a little far back in a older post-"Doing a Favor"-where I said that my goal was to have 15 followers by June? Well, I haven't gotten 1 follower since! I need 8 more followers in 1 month! Right now, I've only gotten 7 followers in 1 year. I don't really think that I will get 8 followers in 1 month. :*( It was a nice dream though, while it lasted...But can you still help? It would really make my day! I have checked everyday I went on the internet since I got my last follower and it has stayed at 7. Some people say 7 is a lucky number. I don't know... Is it?

Loving Him more everyday...



Hey girls! Whether you are just looking at the comments or going to publish a comment, THANK YOU! Thank you for reading my blog, and sharing your opinions! It means so much to me!
But now for the really serious stuff:

-No bad language. It may seem obvious, but I still want to make sure that you understand that this is a blog for pre-teen/teenagers. Absolutely NONE of that.
-Make sure your comment isn't mean or hurtful to anyone. The last thing I want is for that person to cry.
-Please don't post a million comments that are the same. Like,"What's your pet's name?" three times in 1 day. I get your comments through email. I know that they are there. If I don't respond right away, that means I haven't checked my email.

Make sure you follow these rules. I will delete any comments that disobey these rules, and believe me, I don't want to do that. The last rule I am not really strict about. The other ones though, I am.

Thank you for reading this. Love,
Guinea Pig Lover