Wednesday, July 9, 2014

For All the Blog Authors Out There...

How do you do it? How do you get all of those followers? How do you get all of those views? How, how, how?
 I've had this blog for over a year, and I only have seven followers. I'm very grateful to those followers, but I really want more. I've seen blogs who have only had their blogs for six months, and they have more followers than me. :-(
 Fellow blog owners, do you have any advice or tips? Is there something special your doing? I would really appreciate it if you commented below! Thanks!

Loving Him more everyday...


  1. Hi! Here is what I recommend:

    -Get a Custom Blog Design. They are free, and people enjoy looking at a professional looking blog. Trust me.
    -Post a LOT of interesting posts with PICTURES! Pictures are the Key!
    -Stop posting posts like "Sorry I haven't posted in a while..I will try harder!" Those drive people NUTS! I used to do them a lot, but I realized it was annoying so I stopped.
    -Have a contest or giveaway. Even if it's a contest, the prize could be something like an award. :) People adore 'em, including me!
    - When you comment on another website, put your blog url under your name/nickname. People get interested and BAM! :)
    Hope this helps!

  2. Where would I get a custom blog design? And what KIND of interesting stuff? I can't have a giveaway, because I don't want to have to mail anything. Do you have any ideas for the prize? You now, to get my imagination going...
    Sorry. I just realized that I am righting a pretty negative comment. :( Thanks though! Please comment back,

    1. You can get a custom blog design from Eve ( She is EXCELLENT! :) You'd love it. Interesting stuff like...well, you could post crafts, reviews on anything that you find around the house, when you see a baby bird snap a pic and post it! :) And for the prize, you could create an award for people to put on their blog. Or get someone to sponsor you and ask them to send the prize instead of you.
      That's okay! :) You're fine. Your welcome! Hope this helps.


    2. No problem! Anything for an online friend. :)

  3. A nice blog design would help (thanks for choosing me). I know how it is when no one seems to follow or view. When I first had my blog it took me a while to get even one follower. What made a big difference was exploring other girl's blogs and following them. Leave a comment on one of their post or pages just saying that you followed them and such. You can even ask if they would check out your blog (leave a link to your blog so they can go to it). Most of the time they'll check out your blog and maybe even follow. I hope I helped a bit. :)

    1. I chose you, Eve, because you did such a wonderful job on my design (thanks again). And this helps me too.


  4. Love the design G.P.L! :) Looks great! :D


  5. I put my blog URL under my comment when I commented on other people's blogs, and follow other blogs. People usually follow back!

    Oh, and a good place to get blog stuff is, it's where I got my design!


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