Thursday, July 10, 2014

Shaking My Head

 Oh my gosh. You guys want to hear a funny story. Well, I think it'll be funny for you. It's not really funny for me-cause I've lived it. Here it is:
  A long time ago(two hours) in a galaxy far, far away(my bedroom upstairs)...

 I woke up this morning and before I ate breakfast I was going to check my email, look at my blog stats, blah, blah, blah. So I did. I checked my email, and it said that somebody tried to hack it, so I had to change the password.
 After that was done, I looked at my other emails. Then I thought to myself, Oh! Yesterday I was looking at mouse cursors, so I should see if I could do that real quick. So I typed in the URL(if you want to know what it is, comment below) and looked at all of the cursors. That one looks super cute! I thought. It was a butterfly that flapped it's wings. So I clicked on it, and I downloaded it. And it had directions on how to put it on your blog. One of the things that you had to do was to paste it. Well, I had NO IDEA how to paste. So I went on Google to find out how to do it.
 I read a bunch of websites on how to do it for about 20 minutes. Finally, I was done and I understand what I had to do. So I followed the directions and I got to the pasting part. So I highlighted all of the part that I had to paste, and I right clicked. I dragged the words over to the window that I had opened up and put the words where I was supposed to. I clicked save and thought that I was done-but it said there was a error. "Argh!"
 I tried again, and again, and again. But it kept saying "Error". And I groaned every single time. This is not worth it! I thought. So, you want to know how long it took me altogether to accomplish nothing? A hour. What a waste of time! That is why I have named this post,"Shaking My Head" because I was always shaking my head.

 I really hope that you don't have to do this in the future. And if you do, good luck! LOL! Sophia, did you have to go through all of that getting your horse cursor?

Loving Him more everyday...


  1. Yikes, sounds like you had fun. And no, I didn't, Eve did it for me. She asked me if I wanted a horse one (because I LOVE horses) and I said yes. Then boom, I look at my blog and it's there.


    1. Yeah, that's why I wanted one. It looks so cool!

  2. Yes, you will find yourself in similar situations now and then. I've been there and know exactly what you're talking about, so I can chuckle and shake my head with you.


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