Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Twice the Fun - Part 15

Aurora King

Melanie, Natalie, and I swam super fast. Sure, Air got like a 7 minute head start, but I seriously doubted that she swam as fast as us. Plus, Natalie knew exactly where to go-Air definitely did not. Air had always been bad at directions. The mermaids swam faster that I'd ever go, so they stopped ever now and then so I could catch up. After about half a hour, Melanie grabbed one arm and Natalie grabbed the other, and they dragged me through the water. We still went faster. I had no idea how long it took us to get to the surface. Air was better at estimation than I was. She liked math, I like history. She hated history, I hated math.
 I remembered the time in fifth grade where we were doing math. The teacher asked,"Who knows what 10x12 is?"
 Air, the complete math freak, instantly raised her hand, along with about 3 other kids. The teacher scanned the room and rested on a boy named Joey Fresker.
 "How about you, Jo-?" the teacher started to say.
 "One hundred twenty!" Air blurted out.
 The teacher-who's name was Ms.Rice-gave Air a frustrated look. Joey yelled at her for stealing his answer. I tried to evaporate.
 "Raise your hand, Miss Ariana." scolded Ms.Rice.
 "But I did!" Air insisted.
 "Then, you wait until I call on you."
 "Next time, I will not call on you, because of this." Ms.Rice said, her words as cold as ice.
 Air started to have tears in her eyes.
 I remembered feeling sorry for her. That's why people started calling her Air. I was the one who said it first.

Finally, we broke through the water. There it is, I thought. She must have already gone through the door.
I wondered what she was doing right now. Telling Mom where we'd been? Getting punished for 'lying'? Crying on her bed? Or are they even home yet? They should be home. It's been probably four or five hours.
 "Bye then," I said awkwardly. I had no idea if I'd ever see them again. I hoped so.
 "Bye! I hope you and your sister make up!" Natalie said sweetly.
 "Yeah, me too!" Melanie chimed in. Monkey see, monkey do. I thought.
 "Thanks guys. Later..." I gave them a wave. I climbed out of the water and felt a little tingle in my legs. Natalie had told me on the way that that would happen. About five seconds later, I'm on my feet and wobbling to the shacks door. I open it, and wobble inside...

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