Saturday, August 23, 2014

Back Again! (An Oreo & Squeaker Post)

Guinea Pig Lover: Black
Oreo: Blue
Squeaker: Red

Hey girls! Were you guys excited to see that I have another guinea pig post? I hope so! Since you guys liked the last one so much, I figured I'd do another one!

Hey! We helped!

Squeaker's right! Wait, did I really just say that?! Oh man!

As I was saying-

Skip this part and just get to the interview!


Well I have to tell them what we are doing! Stop interrupting! Otherwise we'll have to not do the post. And then everyone will be mad at you two!

*sign* Fine.


Okay. As I was saying, I figured you'd be glad, blah blah blah. So I'm going to do an interview-as Squeaker spoiled-


-but with both of the guineas, so they both get to answer. So on with the questions!




 What is your worst habit?(BE HONEST) 

*sigh* Tipping over the dry food bowl... 

Ooh! I got pictures of that!


Oh that's funny!

Seriously, you had to show the first one?! My eyes are so weird in that one!

It's cute!

No, it's embarrassing!

Whatever, same thing.


What about you Oreo?

Huh? Oh...Um...I don't know, fighting over the water bottle?

I got pictures of that too!

Mwahahahaha! Your turn!

I won of course.


Guys, you're making this post unhappy-like. 



What I mean is-STOP FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!! Next question: When I feed you, who goes to what?

I eat the dry food. 

I eat dry food until you put the hay in the wheel.

Sorry, no picture. :(

Don't matter! Nobody wanna see him anyway...

Oreo! Next question: Do you guys like parsley?

Love it!

Mmmmm...but it's not as good as spinach!

That's all the questions for today! I'll have you guys make another post soon. Here are some extra pics:

Loving Him more everyday...

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