Monday, August 25, 2014

Coming-Not-So-Soon: Cold, Hard, Huckel Reality

 Hey! So this is a book summary that I am going to post to you. It's going to be the follow-up book to Twice the Fun, and you all know that T.T.F. still as a long time to be finished. That is why it is coming not so soon. I just couldn't wait to tell you guys about it! Here is the summary:

All Leah wanted was a normal school year. But she suspected that wasn't going to happen because of the summer. 
1.) Her best friend, Aurora King kept secrets from her. Aurora always told Leah everything, so Leah knew the secret must be big. 
2.) Her mom was always tired. Being the oldest, Leah's younger brother and sister asked her what was going on. Leah investigated, and what she found was something she was not expecting.
3.) The Huckels were moving. How could this be happening?!
 Leah's world is falling apart at the seams...will she somehow manage to glue it back together?

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