Sunday, August 24, 2014

Twice the Fun-Part 18

 Aurora King

When I saw my sister's "twin look" I wasn't surprised. She never had any ideas...So I was on my own to come up with a brilliant idea that Mom would believe. 
 I didn't want to lie to Mom-or anybody for that matter-but what could I do? Tell her we'd been to a "different world"? Yeah, I could see that turning out just fine-with us at a counselor's office everyday! Maybe I could tell her that I was at the library? I brainstormed. Yeah, she'd definitely believe that! Little Aurora, just hanging out at the library. I don't think I've ever even got a library card-and if I had, then it was somewhere in the unknown. 
 Janie pushed past me and opened the door. I winced. What if...?
 But the door just opened, like I always thought that it had the day before today...
 She looked at me like I was an alien and said,"What is your problem?"
I smiled and said casually,"Nothing, why?"
 She rolled her eyes and stepped into our entryway. She wiped her shoes on the rug and took them off. "MOM!" Janie screamed at the top of her lungs.
 "Jeez!" I yelled at her, covering my ears. Air and Dakota were doing the same.
I groaned. She could be so...
"I'm in the kitchen!" I heard Mom shout back. "And don't yell so loud! You don't want the neighbors to hear, do you?"
"No Mom." Janie muttered. And them she yelled,"I found them."
"What? Ariana? Aurora?" 
I heard running feet against our tiled kitchen floor, and then they were muffled from our carpeting when you get just outside the kitchen. 
 "Yeah. We're here." Air said, as she looked at me. Her "twin look" said,"I hope you're ready."
 I nodded to her. Lyla was just in time to see it. She came right before Mom. "I knew you two could communicate from your minds!" she exclaimed, like she just discovered how to fly a plane.
 I grinned and said,"Yep. You were right."
 "Aurora Emily and Ariana Holly, you two are in very big trouble."

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